Sitting at Cayenne

So I am sitting here in a company branded t-shirt wondering how I was l let in. Don’t these people have a dress code or something??? 🙂

Anyhu, Cayenne actually turned out better than I thought it would. And I figured I should write a post to let anyone paying attention that I am still alive and well


So yesterday twitter was abuzz with a tweet about Joyce Meyer’s work in Uganda. Sounds innocent enough, right?

The point of contention was in the reference to Uganda being “war ravaged”. The responses were a sight to behold (or read) and I was impressed that people actually responded to begin with. XFM went a step further and came up with a video of what must have happened (

After about 20 hours of silence from the Watoto n Joyce Meyer team, responses from JM Ministries indicated that they did not mean to cause confusion but to draw attention to their work with Watoto babies home.

Right here is a true study in the fact that;-

1. When we communicate, people’s interpretation of that message will either boost or kill us.
2. Things can ( and will be) blown out of proportion on occasion.
3. The 140 characters (twitter) can be the death of you.



Reader was discontinued in July 2013 by the nice Google people!

Shows how up to date I am- ha!

Now onto the next One,..

And now I say to myself (close to yet another year later) maybe it’s time to start blogging again???

Just the thought of going through my reader list is making my head hurt though….

Lets see how this attempt goes

OMG! its been how long?

So i was patting my back on having last posted on March 15th. That was until I realized that it was March 15th 2010. Where did the time go?

And to think, I came to runt because these idiots I work with intend for me to start off Easter in a really bad mood!

Its not until you get beaten down many times that you realize that life suxs.

Noo… dont say “Life is what you make it”.. it really sux.

It sucks because of the people you are forced to work with…
It sucks because your parents and pastor folks taught you the value of “working as if you were working for Jesus”.
It sucks because inspite of everything you believe things will work out…

Let me tell you.. life SUX.

On that note.. I am off to change my template… and how are you 🙂


this ought to be fun


I have been at home for about 2 weeks now. All I can think is “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

I have noticed that there are now buildings in spaces I did not think had the capacity to hold them but the merchandise remains the same. I find myself asking myself when “business people” will diversify their products.

The potholes have become worse and better (or worse yet) they have also crept up in places I am unfamiliar with. As a result of trying to figure out these spots, I am now reliably informed that i am less aggressive on the road. Guess all those road rage sessions paid off,huh? I’m kidding… 🙂

Kampala for the most part is just as I left it… my friends are (for the most part) doing exactly the same things and almost exactly the same time. I keep asking myself if I have changed, if they have? If I have, by how much?

New years usually cause people to think of new resolutions. Not me. I dont believe in them mainly coz i know I wont do anything about them anyway.

This year, in approximately 4 months and a few days, a chapter in my life will close. The question is, what am I going to do then.