As told to…

I think i must be crazy to think this way. I think i must be loco… no, not loco… merely so blinded by “what could be syndrome”.

Ordinarily, im the most sane person at any given time. I dont know what makes this time so different.

I was doing so well… i had moved on, i had grown and then i had to go and as one of those dumb questions like “is it me or do we not talk anymore?” who asks such qns? who in their right minds assssssssssks such questions?

The answer wasnt too encouraging and i find myself tryin to fix things.. trying to offer him a way out.

He apparently thought i was changing… i was going mute on him…

Yeah well friend, thats what people do when they realize they are not being treated right, when they feel like their feelings are being taken for granted and the other party is too caught up in themselves to notice.

Thats what happens when you wake up one day and realize, that there is juuuuuuuust no way things will ever work out.

It doesnt make life easier… knowing this. It doesnt make life magically okay. You do not return from the cloud of illusions with a bump. Life doesnt work like that.

Life is cruel. It taunts you every day…wiling you to see the “error” of your ways….

SOme days are good.. everything works out. Other days you wake up and feel depressed and you want to reach out and be loved by that one person who just doesnt get you.

He says you have changed. I dont think you have. He just did not pay attention to you long enough to know the depth of your spirit, the depth of your resolve.

You made it sooo easy for him to get you and though he treated you wrong, you still believed that all it wld take was time….


to be continued…………………



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