I think….

I have been on an unexplainable HIGH for the last few days… starting Tuesday night. I looked forward to my bed like I was going to be paid.

I dont think i have been this excited ina looooooooooooong while, like i had some secret in me that had to get out on some psycho induced rage. It felt glorious!!!

Well.. feels.. its still going on. I am a bit suspicious though… feel like something really bad’s going to happen.


O well.. how was independence???? I know.. hard question.. most of you were in it for the public holiday aspect 🙂


Comments on: "I think…." (8)

  1. Miss Cheri said:

    Yes…Wordpress is the place to be. I t was only a matter of time.

  2. I had an exam! 😦

    Oh, and enjoy the high while you can! 😀

  3. independence where… and ofcourse we were in it for the public holiday aspect, but alas i had to work!

    what did you get upto?

  4. Hmmn
    you’ve been here since April
    well, at least you’re here on Press..!!

  5. petesmama said:

    Velcome to Vordpress.

    And yeah, Independence is just an excuse to lounge about.

  6. look where i found you!

  7. welcome to the dark side. did i just say that on the other side too?

  8. Welcome to WP

    Share the highness please if its still in stock

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