Looking failure in the eye

I am clearly off that high that had me gaily skipping down rose petaled streets (( i swear i must have watched too much MCM and that sexy cinderalla video. wasnt that the one in which the lady runs around a green maze type thing in a white dress? dont ask me how this relates to rose petaled streets… if you cant make the connection, there probably isnt one to make anyway… dont feel too bad about it)))

So i am going to fail at something. Do you know how depressing it is for you to know something for fact but you still have to go on like you have no idea failure is upon you?

Im sure you do… what am going through isnt anything new. In fact i had stared failure in the eye so many times we are about to start facebooking each other.

O well.. another day, another failure.

Moving on…..


Comments on: "Looking failure in the eye" (11)

  1. gwe, do not fail. I order you this instant not to fail. On the real tho, since you can see the signs, why dont you do something to change it?

  2. @Cheri
    when you finally get here, i am sure you will want these, but since i have them………

  3. and knowing that you might take a few days to get here….
    more dust..

  4. @Tandra
    lighten up child
    atleast you know i tried calling your mango line, but it kep kamming
    love yah

  5. pick yourself up and face the second one, quit looking at what is already past. real talk.

  6. Hopelessness!!!! That’s what is written allover this post. Certainly we should not be like this ever…..and face-booking with failure only indicates a close relationship no one(i.e sane person) would want to engage in….I stand with the rest above. Punch it in the face and move on

  7. Okie I love that Sexy Cinderella song..sighhhhhhhhh!!!

    Not getting why you’re expecting failure..let alone communicating with it…..try look for a way to work thru it..best of luck

    wants the random walking thru rose-petal Tandra back!!!

  8. Its a bad feeling….a bad one to see failure comming yo way…Just try and avert it…OR RUN!!

  9. Failure: Consider him (yes failure must be a man) a stepping stone. And never get used to him, please. He is bad for your health.

  10. Actually dear… failure, some successful (hopefully he was) man said, paves the road to success. Be not afraid to go on for fear of failure… You won’t get anywhere in life if you try to skirt it.

  11. goodness me tandra, it’s actually a good thing that i have actually seen this now when all this drama has happened…

    i wish i could have helped with whatever was upseting you…

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