first off i would like to thank all of you who have encouraged me during this rather depressing phase in my life.. i cannot believe me and depressing (ed) have finally ended up in a sentence together. Darn it! There goes my street cred!

But its all good in this hood..  I will just re-start my campaign to be kewl all over again. I think its called “grass root recruitment” or some other rather obscure term.


1. I almost peed on myself the other day when i was reading BeSilent’s blog and her comment about Morris (Uganda’s BBIII representative) being a “dictionary”. I have unfortunately not had the chance to actually hang with Morris so I would not know how good or bad he is… I would like to say he’s not all that. Ugandans who usually want the world to know they know many words rarely have anything important or impactful to say.

2. Ever been listening to yourself (talking to yourself) and burst into song (internally ofcos)?

That happens to you as well??

YES!! i knew i wasnt LOCO.

SO there I was reflecting on my life and I have no idea where my mind was off to but i started on this song… about BANANA’s. Err.. maybe i shouldnt be sharing that… and no for those of you who were obsessed with the Muppet show and/or Sesame street, not those Banana’s. More like Gwen Stefani’s “Hola back girls”.

That rapidly progressed into other things. I sometimes feel like i’m  a little juke box… prolly coz i can go through millions of songs at ago. Shoot! Yahoo or pandora (listen to live radio thing as chosen by you) should hire me!!

I sometimes think that its a good thing though that I never have to sing to the song that’s playing because I cant for the life of me remember the words but one day…. ONE day!

3. I had one of those ” I am old moments!” the other day. I was sitting next to this girl who was talking about Halloween ( i know…. who does that????)) and she couldnt decide which left eye to be. Left eye- TLC, is the image forming?  Yes? No? If No.. then you are in the “young or uninformed” category.

So there I am looking at the chick trying to make up my mind if she could actually pull off being one to begin with. Turns out she didnt know which eye she wanted to cover up with her patch. I was thinking to myself.. “You do know she’s called “left eye”, right?”

Soz some other chick is like “WHo is Left eye?”

Shock! Gasp! Horror! Dread! regurgitating spects!

I went into instant shock! OKay i know they were famous like some many countable years ago but come on!!

I still think the level of shock wasnt as bad as when my 16 year old cousin had no idea who Baby face was. Now that was a really sad day.

OKay… i am off to be more useful to society… whats happening with you??


Comments on: "Yikes!!" (12)

  1. Talk about it, times have changed.

    Most under 18s are media kids. Grown up on MTV, Series and Big Brother. I wonder if your couso knows who Michael Jackson is?…

  2. nothing particularly interesting i am afraid. 🙂 living vicariously through you, i am.

  3. Speaking of bananas… at what juncture do they turn into matoke? Or does matoke turn into bananas?

  4. It sure happens….I did not know who neyo or TI was, the kidos have a different genera… doubt if they feel miram makeba or chaka chaka..

  5. @Emi, they may mistake Chaka chaka for military drills

  6. The other day a six year old child used her uncle’s phone to call me and she told me some one was Impersonating her… Jesus christ i learnt this word in my late teen years..

  7. LOL @ Be Silent.

    Munange…things have changed.

  8. LMAO 😀 hilarious post!!!

  9. i am remembering the whole bursting out into a song plot!!

    and i also thought i was LOCO!!!


    y’know what i mean Tandraliciousness… you know…

    Mrs told me about your “old” moment!

    i am kicking back finally

  10. hahaha, i swear you are sure back with drama, i imagined the shock waves go through you! tlc? they will say they dont remember aliyah…

  11. Every dog has its day T…sshhhhffffff….who ever thought you would own up to having one of those days……I think age is relative…..if you feel young and hip….the rest are either old or listening to the wrong stuff or hanging with the wrong crowd………..this way of thinking could actually work….shhhsfffffff

  12. kale i kept on checking your blogspot blog and wondering why the heck you are not posting… yeah, i know, some serious DA!

    lol… they don’t know who left eye is… it hasn’t been that long, has it?

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