For my prisonbreak kid

I could kick myself. I was not there for your big day. I know you probably were going on with your day with no knowledge of the importance of this day… that’s okay. You are still young, you got a lot to be excited about.

For your mother, i have the utmost respect, maybe one day I can be like her. She cares so much about you it is scary on some levels. But that’s why she is your mother, so she can worry, love you, be mad at you, correct you, scold you and generally keep you in line.

yes i agree, some times she is a bit extreme in her ideas for your life.. but that’s her right. She is afer all your mother and mother knows best.

So here’s a hug from me to you on a very special day!

Love you, kid!


Comments on: "For my prisonbreak kid" (10)

  1. (((tandra)))

    sankyu dear… making me want to cry…

    sigh… i miss you

  2. your kid? tandra you have a kid>

  3. yeah u can say that again about mothers its like they hold your world together…..when they are gone you have to find the strength to hold it together for yourself…

  4. Mr. B2B... said:

    “maybe one day I can be like her”

    You have no idea how much i am waiting for this T..

    a ka little Tandraliciousness is surely worth waiting for….

    i like this post T…
    my prison break kid

  5. i love you too mom.

  6. children bring out the best in people?

  7. Some thing is missing. It seams there are bits missing.

  8. I’m sorry…. I didn’t mean to be missing in action. Prison break? No… I am yet to break out of here.

  9. Miss Cheri said:

    Count me in too…the love zone.

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