On mute

So some disaster transpired a few hours ago. No, i did not go opps! when a certain line appeared or failed to a ppear.. no i did not get evicted (although at the rate things be going….) and no, i did not unceremoniously stand up a really hot date.

My laptop and coke went on a date. Apparently Lappy did not like what went down, what with coke being all over her. As a result of that… i am laptop less and wondering what i gonna do.

i do not feel like talking to any one and yet i have a sort of interview. Gawsh!

How are u doing?


Comments on: "On mute" (12)

  1. ME first!!!!!!!! ha!!!!

  2. Okie now I comment…..Sorry bout your laptop…Can it be fixed?

  3. bambi… can i offer my desk top in the meantime until lappy is fixed?

  4. Sorry love i can imagine

  5. Very tragic date and the winner is rather obvious. Sorry bout the lappy, could have helped fix it if possible. but hope you’ll not try such unholy alliances again.

  6. I could offer my lap… but am afraid of getting wet… and of coke.

  7. @Kei
    good luck in your interview…

  8. All the best at ur interview……sorry abt ur laptop.

  9. reali tandra! you make the impossible come to life. Like how a laptop goes on a date with a cock! reali T? cock?

  10. oh dear T, i hope you stopped feeding your lappy banned substances and it finally woke up from its coke induced coma?

    how did the interview go?

    late i know, but life has been happening meanwhile.

  11. Exceedingly late. but is the laptop a’right??

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