Marvelling at the change

I woke up this morning and asked myself what i was doing. It was not one of those awkward moments when you see yourself squirting mango in a very ackward way or when you actually see a cabonated drink literarly blowing up in your face.

It was one of those moments, when i actually stopped whatever i was doing and thought about the question.

What am i doing?

My first reaction was to call sugar and ask him what i was doing. Like he would know, right?

This question bothered me for most of the morning. I think its supposed to mean something. When i figure out what.. I will let y’al know.

in other news, its Fuuuuuuuuriday!

whatcha doing?


Comments on: "Marvelling at the change" (11)

  1. I’ve been kinda thinking the same thing. It’s Halloween today some stuff I don’t really believe in celebrating. So guess I’ll finish up reading that novel I’ve been putting away for long.

  2. you are becoming cryptic as if iwaya… what’s the deal?

    and who is sugar?!

    friday… have had a long week so just went straight home…

  3. you mean you have sugar?

    friday…that was yesterday.

  4. Miss Cheri said:

    That word…squirting…

  5. So, u called ur sukaali huh

    halloween not halloween any more in rouge, was ther friday night and was only the waitresses dressed in them masks, and oh, ivan too

  6. oba i did what, cant remember,…eh went home and cooked for my cousin who was coimng to vist

  7. Mr. B2B... said:

    and Ivan as well

  8. we want a post on this sukali person!

  9. Shukari my friends… get it right

  10. @eddsla, why are you lying to people! Ivan did not have on a mask. That was just him…

  11. Figured what you were/are doig yet?

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