This and that

So i have been putting off writing this stuff down, not for a lack of nothing to say but rather motivation to do so. So i will now attempt to pull together little tidbits of what’s going on in my life and in the lives of those i call friends 🙂

1. I was at this thing where as an incentive for the team to work harder, pool with fries and drinks were offered for you and twenty of your friends. Peeps were sooo excited and booking places at the pool, picking out swimming costumes and everything. It hit them all 30 minutes later that they were not referring to a Swimming pool. I laughed myself silly.

2.  I hate to bring the Obama/McCain KB back especially when we are finally recovering from the whole thing that it was but i found this interesting. Adage (some advertising news paper) did some survey on what brands people associated with Obama and McCain. The results were

Obama: BMW, google, target and bond 007

McCain: Ford, aol, walmart and Jack Bauer

It was all gravy in my mind till we got to Jack… i was like… How did THAT happen?

3. I have discovered that my skin has suddenly taken on a likeness that it has never has before. I suddenly have relatively flawless skin. I hate to think my roomie was right and i really needed to give up margarine. I cannot concede defeat like that! Lets see how this goes… the moment my tub is done, margarine it is! I so excited 🙂


4. I chanced upon the most amazing thing a few days ago. Now most of you will be disturbed by this (which i think is ultimately my point 🙂 ) but well i felt i needed to share this with you.

Have you ever been part of a conversation on where to get the best place to get “local food”. People have it down to a science, where to get the best luwombo, how the matooke tastes differently depending on where you get it and so on. I thought such discussions were weird until the discussion’s on various types of water started happening  a bit too frequently for me not to make mention of it

Avid bottled water drinkers will tell you what not to buy. The last time I had such a conversation, Highland was doing badly at the bottom of the list. If you want to go the sparkly water way, it was advisable not to drink the Wavah water (its that as if tempting green bottle with sparkling written all over it). First time ( i am proud to make this known) i was fascinated by this idea. 

First off the bottle is as if green.. how am i supposed to see such a treasure encased in such opaque packaging (i’m guessing they were working the mystery angle). So anyway… one day was i was idling in Uchumi, i found that 1ltr was the same price as the other 500ml bottles so i decided to buy one.

Ewwwwwww is a word that springs to mind.It was also in that moment that i realized that wavah had strategically used its “normal” water in that advert with the kids running around that “Emiti Emito” lady, i think it was (Dont like that show by the way…. if i carry any weight as a media consumer, WBS should listen and heed my  voice!)

So i was off sparkling  (which loosely translates into carbonated, bubly as if ever vesty tasting) water until i found this gem

Sparkling Water-Strawberry

This one ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuules! and it actually tastes like strawberry. I am saving it for special occassions and yes… it is just WATER.


listening to

Put your arms around me- Natasha Bedingfield

Leavin- Jesse McCartney

What I like about you- Jon B feat Baby Face

Stay with me- Danity Kane 

London Bridge- Fergie

This was supposed to be longer… i will be back!


Comments on: "This and that" (9)

  1. Socks…warm s.o.c.ks…

    Hehehe, I actually dreaded the length of this post but I am surprised it turned out less than long.

    Talk about McCain-Jack Bauer, must be coz they’re both white.

    About water… I dread Wavah. In fact why do they put it in green bottles?!! Now, miss, that water was in Uchumi-the strawberry water, I think I likey. Hint on it’s cost.

    Goodmorning people. it 7:33am.

  2. Mr. B2B... said:

    in abundance

  3. boots in abundance

    and mad props too

  4. Eh, she has finally written something. Yes I know that i am just as bad, actually worse.

    lol… Jack Baur?! They are so lying.

    That water looks good… can you like DHL a bottle for some of us? 🙂

  5. Eh…Mr B2B…it is Jack Bauer.

  6. Elecome back.. Is that all you’ve done?

    I did expect more lively stuff come one tell us those other bits..instead of the amusement in a water which I find rather rare

  7. i dont drink sparkling….but i…hi

  8. i have tasted that water by the way, it bes sooooooo nice!

  9. Even after reading this… I still do not know what u r going on about.

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