The Mixer

I went to this mixer a few days ago. what first attracted me was the fact that it was called a “mixer”. I assumed they were reffering to migis (confusion). I was tickled, to say the least. That is the extent to which the excitement went.

Turns out this thing was were we went in for food and drink. We were supposedly meeting like minded characters and blah blah blah. Emphasis on “supposedly”.

Since you are obviously looking for something to read, I will now regale you will all the gory details of the do.

I went into this thing with a friend, B, and we met a few of my colleaguea at the entrance. I did thw whole intro thing and while i was still deciding on where to sit, my eyes landed on a young man named Patrick. Now, here’s the connection.

One day when i was rtying to fill in and return a form,  I happened to find Patrick in the office i need to be in. After handing in the said form, I subjected the poor boy to unrestrained yap for like forty minutes because I had to be at a nother appointment but I figured it would be a good place to kill time. Understandably, he did not ask for my number when I was through.

Fast forward to the party. First off, Patrick seemed shorter than I remembered. Hmmm.. that ever happen to you? You meet someone 3 days later and they aint as cute as you thought they were…..

Anyways, we talked about me (because apparently I;m the chattier one of the two) and as we go on, I notice that B is no longer standing next to me. Turns out she was kinda stampeded into sitting in a corner of one of the booths. She musta felt really uncomfortable because she made some excuse and got out a few minutes later, the poor girl.

So I’m busy keeping an eye on B and P when i glance across the room and catch the eye of that guy. Here’s the story.

One day when I was feeling young and ambitious, I went to this interview. Dude was there. I didnt get the job and with 49 of us turning up for the same job, really.. what were the chances? I found out like last week that dude didnt get it eithere. I hadnt seen him since the interview and so when we chance met last week, I was wondering who he was. Turns out he cut his hair (Dont peeps know that short sighted people like continuity? Thats how we identify people.. sheesh!).

So any way, after that chance meeting, I’m beginning to think either I am stalking him or he is stalking me. Guy seems to be every where I am. Kinda helps that he is tall, so i can keep tabs on him.

fast forward to party thingy. We did the single nod “I have seen you” thing. It was then that I started talking myself into walking up to him and finding out what his name is for sure. I’m leaning more towards Josh at the moment, but I am not too sure.

I got distracted at the point as my other friend E and Patricks friends arrived and suddenly we were making future plans. Apparently the goal now is to hunt down a strip club. WHo will be doing the stripping is yet to be decided.

So there I was laughing my little heart out and being refered to as Switzerland (because apparently I am usually the nuetral party in discussions) when it hits me that its time i went home.

Waiiit… waiiit. I forgot to tell you about picking out a drink apparently there was a drink on the house, so we had to make it COUNT- I mean, there was no way i was letting “AWA” money go like that. One of my peeps was dinking a really cloudy beer. I am sorry, but if I cant somewhat see through something, there is no way it is meeting up with my body… that isnt how i roll.

I ended up with a variation of a vodka tonic.The person who recommended it said it tasted like 7-up. I reserve judgement on that. Me was a vodka and juice with mob ice cube thingies. I think they meant to confuse me with just how much they were putting into my “free” drink. It went down okay.

So there i was, drink done and home on my mind humbly making my way out when my friends become women (that’s code for they suddenly decided to talk to everyone within talking distance). When I am contemplating the sneaking out, one of my friends walks up to me and says,

I did a survey and the amount of alcohol you take directly relates to the success on your project tomorrow, so drink up.”

I was somewhere between giggling like a high school girl and full out chortling.

Here’s the story.

I spend about 4 hrs of my day with this guy. We do not neccessarily talk to each other… we just kinda exist in the same space. I think that’s mostly because we do not sit next to each other and the boy is silent. Banange the boy is silent!!

So here we were, I think 3 beers later and suddenly he is chatty. I am trying to decide if he likes me or he just felt like helping me out by talking to me.

8 minutes and 3 facebook worthy pictures later, E & B decided it was time to leave and considering I live the furthest, I figured that was a good idea.

Here ends my long account. Tune in next week, I am sure I will find something long and tedious for you to read 🙂

Whats the plan?? Weekend OYE!


Comments on: "The Mixer" (13)

  1. This is for the sweet socks…

  2. And this is how I read the story…
    (Clears throat) Correct me if I’m wrong but…

  3. migis really?

    “I did a survey and the amount of alcohol you take directly relates to the success on your project tomorrow, so drink up.”ur friend is a winner for sayin this.

  4. hardcorekancil said:

    I might be wrong but I don’t think guys take the trouble to ‘help out’ girls by talking to them unless they have something else in mind. Especially if they try to make you drink on top of that. My humble opinion…

  5. Apr9, I agree. That pick up was classy I’ll note and try it out some day on my adventures.

    Tandra, I don’t even know you yet but this ka post was cheesy and fun reading. I did like the whole story and the way you pieced it up… must have certainly bored P. you sd have got his no instead and never called.

  6. A real mixer, all those people under one roof? The part about trying to remember people and where you’ve seen them reminds me of KENCOM and AMBASSADOR where guys (esp) just approached you and said, ‘hi, you look pamela (familiar)’.

  7. er…okay. i have read and feel a tad disjointed but its ok, that just may be me. 🙂

    how are you doing?

  8. to believe it started from a mixer…

    then on to drinks

    and then onto chatting..

    Ahem Ahem…
    nice post

  9. ha ha ha Good Lawd Tandra!

    Poor Patrick, I know the feeling.

  10. tisk, tisk, tisk……LOL

  11. eh, my dear, are you alright?

    have we sobered up yet?

  12. Miss Cheri said:

    Lol the word migis reminds me of Lecture Room 4, tandra…and that classroom in Technology faculty.

  13. eeeeh long post of so much happpennig!

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