I woke up some what late today and the only reason i probably did was because k called me (thanks K). If indeed i had woken up to late to make my appointment, I would have just slept in. Its days like today when i wonder if I had not been too hasty in setting up my schedule so I don’t get to sleep in at least one morning of the week. O well, too late now.

I have recently taken to writing my posts of random pieces of paper and then copying them into word press. You might be wondering if this does not actually amount to a lot of work for me in the long run and you would be absolutely right.

I should however point out, that this is the very first “blog season”, that I am writing fairly long and comprehensive posts which essentially infers that I am taking the time to actually think before or as I write. (don’t worry, I’m sure Randomsies will be back soon))

The past few days have been an interesting mix of anniversary celebrations. First MrB2B went all mushy on his one year anniversary, then this really good couple friends of mine also celebrated a year and then skunk finally had the cockroaches move back in. Intriguing title for a post, yes? You may now rush over to read it.

Skunk, congratulations and Akuume! I never knew things were that bad so i guess now I can’t run over and let you know about my financial woes. Who am I kidding? This is why you are in my life :-). And now for my mushy moment, Me loves You.

Moving on….

In my little corner of the world,I think I am about to witness a showdown of great proportions between these two roommates i know. Apparently its because one (L) has all these rules that (J) isn’t having any of anymore. Here are some prime examples:

L: You should not leave the blinds open J

J: Coz?

L: Well coz it attracts thieves. this has happened before you know.

J (who is a plant fanatic): but what about plant?

T (being the rational and supposedly neutral party): But L, if you really think about it, leaving or not leaving the blinds open has no impact on the thief’s plan to break in. I actually think that if the blinds were open, the peep might think there’s actually people in the house and not break in.

L: when they break in and take your laptop, you’ll tell me!

J: Do what ever you want, L… you VAMPIRE!

J proceeded to move plant into her room and that a lone broke off a huge chunk of an already fragile relationship.

Another example that springs to mind involves the doors. Now, its a tripple storied as if apartment building with two main doors (front and back) and then 2 doors leading into individual apartments/units.

L happens to be as if best friends with the guy who lives upstairs so it apparently follows that the back apartment door is always open for easy access for both parties.

This situation ticks J off who doesnt think its appropriate that He can come into the apartment whenever he wants to (including 7am) coz apparently it creeps her out.

In L’s defence its good to have buddy come in whenever but I think there should be limits. These things of having to duck because guy is in the House are not roomie friendly! Plus if you follow her logic with the blinds, there’s absolutely no point in shutting them.

What use is there having down blinds and an open door?  I mean… what the deal???

I finally broke down and asked J what her problem was. Her answer….

There’s too many rules. I did not pay rent to just sleep in an apartment, I have to live here for a year, you know! But all these rules! Dont let the light in, dont cook your food that way, dont trash that, dont eat that, dont put your stuff there, dont spend your money that way… save your money this way, blah blah blah. I am just no having it!

I havent asked L what her problem is but i suspect its J doing the exact opposite of what she wants done.

I can feel the change and I see a shouting match (with some hair loss maybe) going to happen. It doesnt really help that in a few, they will be on some break together…. O will the sparks fly then!!

I shall keep you posted!


Comments on: "Fighting" (11)

  1. Trying to suppress the mushiness I see…

    Well about the roomies; human beings are complicated.

  2. Gals are complicated…………so which side u be? U can’t really be neutral u must at least tend to favor one side……so wat is it goin to be….J or L?

  3. the stage is set for drama. lights camera, action.

    could we at least have photos of said ….room?

  4. Tandra, Yo haharing mob..
    I’d hate such roomies but some how work some thing out..

  5. Gals gals gals, why can’t we live together in harmony like the boyz? Why do we have to be so complicated both for ourselves and the other gender as well?

    Next time tell them to wake you up.

  6. No problem….. Invoice will be coming at end of the month… net 30

  7. room mates will always have squables. no one being is perfect enough for another! tell them to deal with it or just stop being housemates and prob go rent muzigos.

  8. room mates are always like that, dramma all the way.
    wen i was at campo i had a roomie who evry body knew as care free ba, he also complaind on afew things smtimes,so, it’s not only gals wth drama tho theirs in most cases is….

  9. sshhffffff….oooo…mushy T- didnt think it would ever happen- you have changed (winK)……….j’aim toi aussi mon cherie`….look at all the haters!

  10. Hey Bostonian, been a while. how re u doing?

  11. eh, drama

    at one point you might have to just get a bowl of popcorn and watch it all go down and then jump in later…

    and yes, we don’t want you losing those randomsies woman.

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