Im bored

I should be paying attention to someone but she is going on and on with no end in sight. What is not encouraging at all is the fact that right after her, there’s like 3 other people who will inevitably drone on and on as well. I just wish I was some where else having so much fun and finally enjoying the weekend for all that it has to offer. The weekend is not looking up. In fact, everything after 3 hours is not looking good. 

First my bank wont accept that the number i supplied was/is my account number. I mean, who gave whom what? and Who has been using it since first issue? Come on, people! That aside…

I have three assignments. I basically have no idea about two of them and the third which i think i will do brilliantly on, I doubt I will. Life seems out to get me especially at the oddest times. But tis all good, I know God has my back.


Speaking of which, I went to an as if Thanksgiving potluck dinner type thing last week. (If you think you have missed it, panic not, its like next week). I kept wondering why it was such a big deal so I did the next logical thing. No, I did consider doing it, but I did not google the answer. I asked the nearest American (because apparently the Canadian explanation might differ on a point or two). Here was the explanation.

B: We celebrate it coz the silly Americans’ did not starve to death.

T: O……. okay!

B: See back in the day, the silly people came over from whereever they came from on some discovery expedition and they did not carry enough food.

T: makes sense.

B: Yeah so luckily the Native Americans shared their food so they survived and thats why we have thanksgiving

T wondering if  the American was going to say something politically incorrect.

B: Of course they turned right round and colonized them but that’s a part we like to forget.


So the deal with the dinner thing was to go with food or drink. Since i did not have either, I went with someone who did have food (go ME!). After getting lost countless times, we finally made it to the doo and people were mob thanksgivin-gy. (that’s code for there were standing around in odd groups making small conversation).

The peep in me wanted to go all out and atleast be in the kitchen helping out. That idea was quickly swept under the carpet because there were just too many anxious people hanging around that particular place.. So the African (thats me) went and did the akward standing around thing.

In that short time, I learned that

1. Guys might have a point when they don’t want to have clingy girlfriends and vice versa

2. The amount of guy/chick handling going on is amazing. (talk to him/her the right way so you can get what you ultimately want)

3. All’s fair in AFFAIRS

4.I need to find other people to hang with.


Comments on: "Im bored" (8)

  1. soooooooockkkkks! moreover at 5am in the morining!

  2. I like the part of “Yeah so luckily the Native Americans shared their food so they survived and thats why we have thanksgiving….B: Of course they turned right round and colonized them but that’s a part we like to forget.”

    Write a poem about the weirdest thing won’t be bored while writing. Otherwise, nice Thanksgiving.

    Lulu….!!!! Eiiieee..

  3. Thanks giving bes about eating as much as u can rite?

  4. Eat, eat and Eat some more..Am currently starving to be able to pack in all that food. Thank God those guys came with little food.
    I have another holiday to look forward to. No Work hiphip.

    So did you get chance to dig in?

  5. indeed you do need new friends!

  6. LOL! at the lessons you learnt. I am baffled by number 3 though.

  7. But these friends sound like fun! 😛

  8. Me also, I dont get banks…did you know that actually when you put the money in the bank it ain’t yours no more…consider everything you have to do to access it….yup…it aint yours no more!!!!

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