A Little randomzy

So this morning my friend tells me about some conversation with this (and i qoute) weird guy. I had to post this since i cant disturb a certain somebody who is busy writing a book (or atleast they were, last i checked) plus the other people’s are as if asleep. But thats not the point.

So my friend N was struggling to explain how Y was weird. I need to give you the background info.

N, T and L (i need to get over initials banange– the T in there is me, by the way) were friends, gaily skipping along enjoying life. The N introduces Y to the group and apparently Y and L start dating.

There has always been some speculation as to if Y actually ended up with L coz N was not available but thats a whole other story. And considering that Y and L were together for about a year, I think we can fairly conclude that they made their choices. (I should probably point out that N was not available to date anyone at that time… still isnt til now).

So anyway, the break up (L & Y) was apparently amicable. We werent there, so we dont know. We do however suspect that Y was more cut up about the whole thing. L is a very ambitious over powering sort of person, so you can kinda understand Y getting lost in her.

Back to today’s madness… N tells me Y is acting weird (what else is new?) and after failing to explain exactly what was going on, she pasted the entire conversation.

Lets just say, i grabbed my bag of popcorn and had a BLAST. I swear this stuff was more interesting than….. Jerry Springer 🙂 bet you didnt think i was going to pull that one out! ha!

The main points were:

1. According to Y, he and N were always agreat team and every one knew it. N was just in denial about the whole thing and he didnt understand why she was defending L.

2. According to N, the guy is psychotic.

What i learned today: Drama makes the world more interesting.

Now i off to do assignments. PEACE!


Comments on: "A Little randomzy" (14)

  1. peace! banange my tandra is becoming an outside countries muyaye! 😦

    so are N and L now cool? is the drama over and done?

  2. hahahahhahaa… now who is the muyage! Kyoka Sybella! U have amused me so…..

    N and L are supposedly cool… no idea, not sure if I shd be asking.

    The main issue wasn’t them… more like how this guy thought he was hot stuff and N and L should have been happy to even know him.

    Okay, that’s a bit extreme but u get, right?

  3. ” Human beings are complicated”. That’s what a friend of mine says…

  4. Um, I need to re-read this. Twice. Must be all those initials.

  5. but we was looking forward to the whole meal, not just tidbits

  6. but how do you leave the story so unmfinished i was grabbing a cup of tea!

  7. @Sybella “outside countries muyaye” LOL

    T how come u always get to be the one to watch y not take part……it would be less of drama if u took part. I know u must ve lots to say to the group so jump in.

  8. I have a problem with Letters i had to read this 5 time i wish you had used numbers it would be easy… I love drama but not being part of it. So 6 says 9 is weird?!

  9. Gosh! The tantalising and then giving no details!
    Eh, you woman!!!

  10. l,m,y,p,q,r (?)….let me read again!

  11. I thought I’d claimed socks on this….Tandra did you cheat me?

    lol…all the N,L & Y business has me cracking up and reminds me of the death note manga series I watched some time back. of course I have to re-read again because I only thought of that Anime.

  12. sweerie, details. you do not tantalise and then not deliver. nothing like juicy gossip! so disappointed

  13. the tite of this post was spot on!!!!

  14. where are you?

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