Strolling by…..

Some people were wondering what happened to me… Lulu, worry not, I am still a live and well… just a little swamped, but alive and well. You asked where i was.

I don’t  know for sure where I was or have been. I do KNOW for sure that i am tired and yet I have millions of tiny things to do. Its always the little things that get you, right?

Start of the week and I am already exhibiting crappy attitude. I will work on it… as soon as i get out of this sweaty hole I have to sit in. Gawsh its hot!

Other than that, it is with great sadness that I announce that the world domination plan is going on hold. I find that these days I barely have time to think about it and then when I DO think about it, ruling the world is like a full time job. I don’t know if I want to dedicate THAT much time to it… yes, I am lazy like that. 

I think i should pat myself on my back though coz i really did learn something from some movie I had the misfortune to watch some years back. Pay it forward. If you have watched and are not slow, you would have already worked out how Pay it forward relates to my world domination plan.


I can see some of you raising your eyebrows like “what the hell?”. Here… let me explain (Yes, I am a sharer), I be recruiting lazy people like me to take over the world, I figure if i recruit one, they will recruit two and so on. As if a circle without the money perks and suspicious highs that go along with the possibility of being ruffed up by the police.

You may now rejoice for the light bulb moment… that went past.. about a second ago.


In other news, I am constantly debating with myself over my facebook account especially when  people use me as a readily available market for whatever they are pedling.

Check it! 

I sign on and find a friend request thing so I  check and we have 21 friends in common. Mutual friends… 21. I figure i MUST know this kibs person, right? WRONG. 

I later find out that he is an up and coming roco artist  using his facebook “friends” to make announcements like ” I am hanging with straka tonight,… be there or be there” crap.

Then this other guy is like “OMG (okay thats my word) like I have a friend in UG. Now I can come over when your company pays for my trip!”

I am like “silly kenyan!” followed by what my friend spells as “Zwee” which is me jeering. Guy is just in Kisumu or where ever! You are just here in kenya wanno wanno and you are acting like you are in Nigeria (at least ko) come on!!  

I guess I should give guy some props for specifically saying my company should pay but STILL.

Ekilala, I was talking to this lady for from Alaska the other day ( and no, her name is not Sara or Palin) and it was an eye opening experience. I had forever associated Alaska with SNOW all year round and like full of zombie’s (thanks to Josh hartnet  and that movie, whatever it was called.. dawn oba what? don’t remember. Googled it, its 30 Days of night) but turns out they Do have a summer and its the busiest tourist season time for them.

chick made me laugh, i hear when people go over, they say the dumbest things.

Tourist: I need to send this letter out but I need to know if i need special stamps. I mean, will it get there?

Alaskan: You  do know you are still in the States, right? We are the 49th state Geez!  We have power, internet and all that. We do not go fishing with like spears or live in igloos! 

I hahad! well after i died laughing.kubanga even in America they have kyalo’s!


Comments on: "Strolling by….." (3)

  1. LOL! Firsties…. me thinks.

    Tiz a shame that the plan has to go on hold. Maybe you should move to Alaska… I hear the summer days are long…. almost 20 hours in some areas. Surely that is enough time for you to implement that plan and all… no?

  2. Hehehe…nice one about Alaska. Even me I thought it was ice all year long.

    By the way, welcome back. Nice new template. Change of direction perhaps, personality? Hey, smailo…tis the season!

  3. make time for yourself and make sure you stick to it with some rest…

    facebook, you know what i will say…

    as for the alaskans, now they know how it feels when we asked the same idiotic questions when they are in Africa…

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