I am writing out my other post, worry not.

I do have a qn to ask (and I prolly should actually ask the person it actually relates to directly but I feel like I might be over reacting) so i decided to ask you, my good bloggy friends 🙂

Here’s the situation.

I have wanted to buy my friend a shirt for the longest time. Its not coz he doesnt have shirts (((grins)) but its coz all his shirts are dark and I want him to have more colour in his life

So we are talking the other day and I tell him about a shirt i fell in love with that would definately look fab on him. As the conversation went on and i happened to mention that i had wanted to get the shirt but i was not sure if he was a picky person ((You know, branded shirts that cost well over $40 and stuff))) and he says something to the effect that he actually is very particular about what he wears.

As the conversation goes on, he basically says  he’s always polite and stuff, regardless of the situation. That stopped me in my tracks.

Here’s my lema (apparently some proffessor decided a single problem should be refered to as a lema instead of a dilema),

Should I spend on something (that comes from the bottom of my heart) that he will prolly take coz he’s a polite person and will prolly hate it to death and hide it in his closet for life…..


should i just not ever get him anything? ((coz like i will never know if he honestly likes it or not))


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  1. Tight question. What would Jesus do? I think I would go with my heart, nothing beats heart intentions. And a gift is a gift. No one chooses a gift they want. You love him like that, it will be from your heart.

    All the best.

  2. why not just asking him to clarify on the politeness thing…

    quite frankly, there are some people who are my tights and i love to bits for whom it wouldn’t matter me spending that much on them

    but based on what you have written, don’t think you should spend some serious dimes on a gift for him if he won’t appreciate it… that’s 76k woman! for a shirt!

    i can send you a delicious one from here for 30k 🙂

  3. You could do better than this.

    Just get him anything electronic even the $15 watches will do…All guys love these things and are not into those bu clothes things like the girls.

  4. Screw the guy… not literally of course… Buy me the shirt instead…. or screw me, literally of course. Where I come from, we don’t look gift horses in the mouth. I should add, perhaps, that we rarely, if ever, get horses; gift ones or not.

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