I feel like….

Do you have that one song you listen to and you just want to go out dancing? or like listen to really loud nice r n b? that has been happening to me quite recently but there are limits to my otherwise social being. One being money… the other being bibuzo… and another being that i am yet to find a place that will play MY music… another (eh, they are becoming more than two things)

But anyway, my current play list (on my ipod that only gives me 20 minutes of air play time…. if you really love me…. in the spirit of giving… I would be grateful for all eternity if you got me one.. or atleast something that plays for more than an hour……))

Live your life… Rihana

Hey love…. Shaggy (dont ask.. i just like the beats.. they are interesting)

Sandcastle and I decided … Solonge

Here with me… Dido

Strip Tease and Suker for love…. Danity Kane

Put your arms around me…… Natasha bedingfield

Muwala… Peter Miles (I’d rather have the other one.. cant remember what tis called right now… some line in it …
 if i ever fall in love with another girl ….. some thing something… coz u made me sad and blue, wuliriza toleta tabu or something….))))

and others… now i am shy to list… u must be thinking i have weird taste.. dont blame you….. i am actually listening to Case now, talk about slowing me down….


In a totally random side note: I have found him!!! i am soooooo amused u have no idea. there’s this kid i kept seeing but i hadnt run into him in the longest time possibly because he stopped hanging at his stop or he changed his hair. it was one of my goals to go up to him to tell him i loved his hair. Well i just saw him and he changed his hair (prolly explains y i hadnt seen him uptil now)).. sad… now he looks like every body else…. sigh…. (im guessing that by now you have made the connection that i dont actually know this guy…..)

About previous post… please watch the video… i am interested in reactions. PLEASE… fank  you~


Comments on: "I feel like…." (4)

  1. Solange rocks…I like her wierd taste in colour..:)

    the last paragraph was totally random..lols

  2. u in love?………..ll send my ipod for u.

  3. don’t worry, we have always known you have weird taste in music…

  4. don’t worry, shall hook you up ma proper although not sure if you will like all… but shall do my best

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