Watch this


Comments on: "Watch this" (5)

  1. couldnt access it, can you imagine am the first toooo,,,,lolo christmas socks to you my dear!

  2. gwe those peeps cannot be for real?!

    and was that package in the first bit addressed to somewhere Uganda?!

  3. Am I dreaming? Is this for real? Are these people crazy? Somebody explain the rationale of this…they look like they are all convinced it is the right thing to do..what is going on here?

  4. Since you insist… I am appalled… To think that my grandfather’s old gun from when he fought the white man years ago in Burma has been rotting away in our basement back home… and that I missed an opportunity to get myself into a youtube video…

  5. WHAT THE F**K?!
    For reals???
    What happened to good old common sense?

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