So not the drama!

I realised my last post was like out there! (but then again, when arent they?) so i decided to make amends before my otherwise likely to get distracted brain gets with its usual program and refuses to stay focussed on the post at hand.

I feel like i have rejected blogging for so long and yet I still write posts in my head (dont we all??). I just cant seem to write them out. I feel like blogistan is changing and I just dont have the time to keep up. I just feel like I suddenly stopped being invited to the party…. actually thats not accurate, more like i stopped knowing where the party was at!

Thats okay…. and I am done rumbling now….

Speaking of rumbling, tis a long time since i had a rumble session with my exbff (that’s ex best friend for life) who informed me yesterday that he heard a song and thought about me.

Yeah…. a serious “awwwwwww” moment…… until i heard what song it was, then  I just fell off my bed laughing. And no, it wasnt even close to a song by Paulo Kafeero (just incase you had wandered down that path) or even like Mabel. (it was Neyo’s so sick) Speaking of whom, did i ever tell you about Mabel and me? No…. not like that. (oba is her name Mabel anyhu? Must YouTube).

Some one told me MBU apparently Mabel makes him think of me. I just rewatched the video… I wonder why……. ((ooo disregard the first part of the video, (we are more interested in the “Shhhhh” part with vampos ),twas the only chuppy version i could find))

Okay, i was meant to finish the post but i just got caught up watching Youtube videos….  I was watching Qute Kaye… remember my friends saying he had a lovely voice but was not much to look at…. (no comment) (In a totally unrelated side note, guy looks like he did all his videos on the same day…..)

where was i going before i got distracted by Karl Wolf’s Africa, Navio’s Salooni, Soda Jinjale by GNL , DreamGirlz weekendi and Qute….. Mabel and her apparent relation to me.

I know i have been told that i look like Marion  Muyobo ( think her name is.. i have failed to find  picture )  I actually stood next to this woman and concluded that we look nothing a like.. except maybe for  “tukus” factor (loosely translated to mean “apples of your cheeks”).
Im done being radom… i shall compose me self and be back!


Comments on: "So not the drama!" (5)

  1. Yep. Surely random.

  2. lol… tukus. my goodness! when did i last hear that?

    you are so rumbling and out there like you used to be… it’s good to have you back…

  3. You are not alone, I sometimes get to the wrong party venues.

    lol I got distracted watching you tube and almost forgot to comment

  4. Tukus…ha ha ha… is that what we call them.
    I love that video… esp the girl in rasta attire.

  5. I imagined u givin that KB live and i laughed. Maybe the color is wat u have in common.

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