SO i sat down a few days ago to write a post about what I have been up to since i last wrote. The fact that the said post never made it past the initial three paragraph stage started on over a week ago is evidence of just how uch the whole writing thing isnt going well. I have thus resolved to finish this one before the year is through.

Lets see… what have i been up to? Nothing…. absolutely nothing. I have been on holiday for about 2 weeks and it feels great! Wish sugar would go on holiday as well.. poor baby… but enewe.. i have consumed enough Telly and in particular series that im beginning to see things.

Which led me to what i did with my day. Looked up pictures.

You might have to squint to see them but thats a good work out for your eyes, yes? i prolly should have gotten better pictures… but what would be the point… im being random!!

So everyone is super excited because they got to say merry christmas and wish everybody a happy new year. Me, not so much. I think this is the first time i am actually looking at a new year, not as a time of joy but more like a challenge. More with a “will i make it?”. I know i will make it.. He who began a good work in me will be faithful in completing it. I dont even want to think about the new year. It causes my brain to hurt (as my housemate likes to say). One day at a time, right?

I was thinking back to what i was doing last year at this time and for the life of me, I cannot remember. I was probably semi-excited coz i would definately have the house to myself (well minus parents anyway)… I just cannot remember what i did or did not do. Hmmmm… was it the year watching fireworks at Garden City? Prolly…. see.. this is how years mesh in and out for me, they are always the same.. I just cannot remember… what makes them distinct, i will never know.

I know this year will definately be  different because I wont get to argue with besti about when we should go to hotel international to watch fireworks, or worry about how im going to fit everyone in the car so we can go “pretend” to have fun at some overly packed “new years party thing” or wonder why tis only my relatives sending happy new year messages to me or wonder who we can “tie” on to make merry. You know, now that  i think about it, i should list things i have done new years eve into new years day…

1. Gone to church.. over nights rule!

2. Fought with sleep countless times because there’s no power in the village and you want to sleep so bad after 8

3. Drank coca cola at the stroke of midnight because apparently its the thing to do

4. Had a kinda “blind date”

5. Slept through the festivities

6. Bar hopped and wondered  if my bed knew how much i was missing it

7. Told lies about where i really was (albeit by omission)

Shoot! really boring stuff!!!! yikes!! must change this… what have YOU done…. what are your plans? lemme know… we could hook up… if we be in the same area code.

I leave u with this song… it has been haunting/stalking me… on account of the amount of telly i have been consuming. it called I’m yours. Jason (apparently Youtube doesnt have an actual video.. just rip offs….. 🙂 )


Comments on: "Offloading pictures and randomzies" (5)

  1. hAPPY neW yeaR Tandra.

  2. I kinda got all of that except the bit of drinking coke at the stroke of midnight…..teeheeheehee

  3. kinda blind date…. what they had a seeing dog?

  4. but kei, really!

    mine are just as boring… although have never slept through it… except for when i was a baby…

    will most likely be home with baby boy… won’t you adventure into the city, can’t remember the name of the road/place, for the fireworks?

  5. happy new year

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