The other day Sybella was hating on my brother’s girlfriend because apparently she (Syb) has a lot going for her and yet he ended up with her. I mean she (syb) even has longer hair!!

My response to that was ” sweetie, we all do!”

The truth of the matter is his girlfriend has really short hair. We are not talking short as if high school… we are talking shaolin (thats bald to you).

I have decided to go the same route. Not out of total admiration of the said person but more because that’s all I can do at the moment. Its going to be odd, to say the least. I am currently on the brink of  completely becoming hysterical and its a relatively heady feeling.

The one thing my brother did say (which helped me some) was “those who really like you, will like you… regardless of your hair or lack there of. If they dont, then that was not going anywhere anyway“.

This from the guy with a bald headed girlfriend. OF COS he would say that. 🙂 (thanks bro)

Wish me well and I will see you on the other side.


Comments on: "Hair…" (14)

  1. i am not my hair. *but i love mine afro*

  2. Ooowieeee……okie that is something I would never do..but ermmm yeah….hope it works out..

    can I just ask a big fat…WHY????????

  3. Tandula…kiki? You have really changed these past few months…now you want to send your hair on leave?

    Anyway, let me rant first. Long hair is your God given beauty accessory, it should qualify who likes you or not…however it should qualify who loves you or not.

    I am sure you will seem strange to the people who see you at first but after a while, they will get over themselves and love you still.

    All the best.

  4. I made a blunder…

    “Anyway, let me rant first. Long hair is your God given beauty accessory, it should help people like you or not…however it should not help people love you or not.”…

    makes more sense?

  5. woman, not bald! leave some of it there… you are becoming changed by outside countries!

    although you just might inspire me to do the same. i think i am also getting tired of mine… wondering how i would look with short hair with the S-Curl or whatever that hair is called…

    as i said before, thou shall share the new look with pics 🙂

  6. Tandra
    can we talk first and get some before pics in there…

    then afterwards, we can talk some more and you allow me to stare at your hairless head..????

    ok, can we just talk..

  7. Ur bro was sayin the truth…….

    Ok don’t go bald at once go short gradually

    @ Sy……can’t imagine u wit short hair but i know u would look like Rhys. Touch up, retouch or to get a perm is $50-$80. Its kika

  8. you have an afro 31337? meanwhile sybella? for real oba tandra be rumbling just

  9. Now now Tandra… what did your hair ever do to you?

  10. hardcorekancil said:

    I think girls with short hair are hot…but it’s only a girl’s appreciation here 🙂

  11. therisingpage said:

    So did you cut it?
    I went bald once…
    Not a good experience i tell you and i was still in school!!!
    But hey if you want to try it go ahead…just don’t forget to post piccys (evil smile)

  12. You might want to tell the head of your family first my dear T!!!!

  13. i have seen this gal somewhere with a bald head….and she seemed so sexy….

    u will need lots of attitude to pull that off..

    otherwise go on and do it….am sure u people around u will get used to yo baldness….


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