Wishing you a fab Monday!

Everyone’s grumpy not only because its the end of holiday season but because we finally all have to go back to work of some sort. Well, assuming you are no longer under 6 and look at a day out with so much joy in your heart. So a little randomness to get the week started.

1. I was talking to my sister today. My sister cracks me up. My brother was telling me that she went dry mouthed and gooey eyed because Messach Semakula was performing/singing at some kwanjula (traditional marriage thing). Apparently she thought Messach was “serious”. I practically died. My sister is the epitome of snob… she doesnt do Messach. Messach is a roco artist (for those of you who dont know) who has apparently made it big in some circles. I guess in a way you would have “made it” to have him come to your do.

Kinda like having Michael Ross at your wedding i guess.  My sister went to one where he (Michael) was the grooms cousin and so he thought, in honor of the day, should belt out a song or two.  My sister’s reaction was pure mortification. Apparently Michael isnt as kewl as he thinks he is and was  getting high off the fact that everyone knew who he was. Interesting concept that….. I have actually met this guy.. I could have been in class with this guy… all im saying is, he is a guy. I actually have a friend who looks remarkably like Micheal which kinda gives credit to the theory that there’s some one in the world who looks exactly like you. I guess in Michael’s case, he didnt even have to leave Kla (thats Kampala to you) Muwahahahahahhaha

2. I was illegally watching Madagascar II the other day. Well the site said it was free but thats debateable. SO anyway… like 90 minutes into the movie, it like goes into “cut” mode and when it re aligns itself,movie has switched from English to like turkish. I was like “EH!!! EHEEE”  surfice to say i was not amused.

Reminds me of how you can be watching something on Top TV and then they go to an ad and change movies on you. Has that ever happened to you? No??? clearly you do not spend a lot of time watching Top TV.

3. I was watching the preview for “The pirates who dont do anything” (if you a veggie tales fan this should be familiar).  So these “pirates” go to save this damsel and her friends. They rush in and they pronouce… ” We are here to SAVE you!”     Excitement everywhere. then they ask ” Do you have the key?”

I died.

Summary of movie: It’s high seas adventure with The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything—A VeggieTales Movie. Buccaneers and landlubbers alike will discover what it means to be a real hero!

True heroes are those who do what they know is right, no matter how difficult it is. They don’t need strength, beauty or extraordinary achievements… they trust God to supply all they need for the adventure ahead!

4. I found this gem I thought i’d share.


Have  a fab Monday!!!


Comments on: "Wishing you a fab Monday!" (3)

  1. I read this earlier and it cracked me up!!!!!!

    And I love the Veggie tales…

  2. so you still like those crazy movies?! wabula top tv is just special…

    lol… oooh poor kitten suffering with the stench!

    have a fabulous week…

  3. LOL the lolcat, and these vegetable movies, where are they found dear?

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