idling by

I jsut finished off an email to my bff. i still think thats a weird phrase by the way but wa’ever!! I realized that i have a lot to say to her.

Yes, you might think that its because of our relationship that i have a lot to say. Well thats true. But to a greater degree, i feel like over the last few months im kinda compartmentalizing my conversation limits or whatever. There are people with whom i barely have anything to say and there are those who wouldnt believe that i can actually shut up. its interesting. I am actually a chatter box.

I knew that… tisnt something new. But i think I am also picky about you know… what i am saying and who I am saying it to. No, thats not accurate. Some people i swear must think i am blonde. I am okay with that… actually i think there;s only one person who ever called me blonde and i worked really hard to prove that i did have something going on in my head.

After fighting it and feeling really depressed and whatever, turns out, the dude called me blonde because I was one of the most intelligent people he knew. Yeah… now that i think about it, it might have been his way of getting me to shut up.

Back then, when he said that… this was me. ( I was looking for melted ice cream but well, seems to be taking longer than usual.. sure u gots a picture in your head). come to think a lot about what that dude said, gawsh was i gullible. I think more because i wanted to be. sigh…. youth! such a wonderful thing.

So the other day, apparently my brother’s girl friend was spreading rumors that i was dating some guy. I’m like ” what?? where??? how?? why?? whoooooooooooo???”. turns out i might have said i was dating some one.  I swear if someone hadn’t mentioned it and used her as a reference point and i hadn’t taken time out to actually think about what i had said, i would have wondered what she was high on.

Apparently the definition of dating someone begins with kissing them. I dont know… i always thought it started with commitment to being with each other( as in actual relationship) but thats just me. By that kissing definition, even one night stands qualify for the tag ‘dating”. i mean, where do people get these ideas????????? i have left that conversation a lone, i decided miscommunication is what we shall agree on.

In other news, my feet are freezing. This would fall in the category of TMI.( thats Too Much Information… not This Might Inflate or Tiger Munchy Immaculate) but i refuse to suffer in silence. The world must know of my discomfort. I figure this theory of the universe balancing itself out (by somehow unfreezing my feet) ought to be good for something.

Okay… me off… apparently there’s something on the internet i need to check out.



Comments on: "idling by" (14)

  1. Socks?
    [Off-topic: For some reason I can’t add this blog to my list. It just refuses to be added!!!]

    *And this post is not nearly so random, Tandra. hmm…
    And get yourself some warm socks already!

  2. Dip the feet in hot water…or put socks on a heater then put them on…

    I’m also like that…with some people I’m a chatter box…others I struggle to even say anything..

    So have you decided if you’re dating the kissed guy or not?

  3. Hmmn
    i wonder how many people i have dated then…

    and yeah, grab a coupla socks, or just shack up the Unheard-about-boyfie…


  4. just when i was getting a cup of tea to continue reading KB you must go!

  5. therisingpage said:

    Funny!! I have just written one of those bff letters…

  6. yeah, tell us about this boyfriend or should it be boyfriends?!

  7. So it starts with kissing and ends where?

  8. you went and got yourself a man? the bit about telling us…temporary amnesia perhaps? 🙂

  9. ..this is an unfinished post…

  10. sorry?

    what kissing?


    T- call me- we need to chatter box this out of you!!!!

  11. Even wen u just kiss to find out if someone kisses better than u….u r dating them? Wat if its a dare?

    Five pairs of socks on ur feet next to a space heater should do the trick.
    Ur boother’s galfriend likes u…oba?

  12. T, guess what…I have your old blog at blogger in my google reader. So, since I never saw any updated from u, I thought u’d quit blogger and I felt betrayed.

    I’m so happy to “discover” u again.

    How have u been?

  13. silverbow said:

    cant u access a fire place?yours or the neigbhorhood-stick the damn feet in already.shd work better than the many pairs of socks,i swear.just try.u will see.
    …i learnt ages ago to beat rumours;wen i hear i’m sleeping with a man,i correct the rumour with ‘no,its actually that man along with his brother and father’. u had an abortion-“just one? are u kidding me-i can hardly count how many” it has worked for me.

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