So for the last three weeks, my page has been open, i think the browser even got tired of automatically saving …. yes, thats how long it has taken me to finally write something. Gone are the days I would write every day, I was cheerfully competing with some for the most posts a year…. ahh those youthful days, gone so long ago.

So i present ramdomzies….

1. I was looking at some posts I wrote in December last year. Crap was i loony! You know how you look back and wonder what you were high on? Like… you look at your words like “seriously???? what were you thinking child?” thats exactly how i felt.

Its in those moments that I appreciate my blog. Tells me where I have been.. what I had to put up with and how i overcame. Well most of the things i remember to write down anyway. I am forgetful like that, you see.

2. My roomie is moving out. We have only been roomies for 5 months but since we got on so well finding someone to sort of fill in is going to be interesting. I bid her farewell tomorrow. There wont be anyone to listen to me be weird or taste my strange concoctions but hey, u win some, you loose some.

3. I was chatting with this guy about my job situation. The usual questions really. In my head i was thinking, ” dude between u asking me last night and today, nothing has changed. We have this conversation everyday. Do you not remember going on and on about it????”

He was telling me about networking (who doesnt know you need to network) and being prepared when things break through (again who doesnt know this?)

I appreciate people helping me out and everything but sometimes its good to realize that I am not stupid and realistically there aint nothing new you telling me or retelling yourself. Either come up with something new to say or shut up.

Problem is im too polite to tell him to take a hike, coz u never know when knowing him will come in handy, but…. one day………..

4. I always find it interesting when people i consider relatively sober decide to become artsty types. By that i mean, paint/draw for a living or the more aggressive one, become muscians. That is okay in itself, I mean, music is a serious gift… if you got it, flaunt it.

My problem is the adoption of persona’s that come off so unreal. Suddenly someone claims they be in some Bob Marley lineage so they smoke weed and for some reason want crunk in their lives.. U dont see the corelation between Bob and crunk do you? Exactly… there isnt one.

So this guy i was in college with decided to go this route. I always wondered if he  was serious about it or working some angle… because we did not really talk or whatever.

Turns out he’s serious…. MEGA star with a mix tape even and waiting to drop an album. Take that.

Did i mention that he aint in Kla anymore? Yeah… its only when you leave and there’s people to fuel your dreams and tell you how awesome you are, then things happen!

Thats all im saying.

5.  I am beaming now. Song playing…” What would you do” Isley brothers ft. Ron Isley. If you know how this song starts you could prolly relate. My sister and her friends had gotten into the habit of using the line when they walked into rooms.

You know the sexy “Hello ladies”

Echoo soft sexy chic “Hello”.

silly girls. I tell you being idle is such a problem.

6. I have to read a book on web page thingies. (looks up actual title).. ” Web Design in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference“.  I am not having fun. Its big and boring.

When I was in s6 vac apparently a suggestion was floated that i hook up with Computer Frontiers, some IT company in town in the name of becoming IT savvy, i guess.  After attempting to self teach some programing languages i concluded that for the amount of time i spend online, i really was not interested in the actual build up part of the thing. I promptly feigned disinterest and well.. now im paying the price.

Plus someone actually told me that programmers dont have lives. They live for the programs! I decided this fabulousness needed to be out in the world. And i wasnt wrong, so there!

Listening to

Hot steppa-  Lyrical Gangsta Ini kamoze

I wish i wasnt- Heather Headly

Busted- Isley Brothers feat Js

Where the party at- Jagged Edge feat Nelly

Extravaganza- Jammie fox feat Kanye West

Feel it boy- Jannet Jackson feat beanie


Comments on: "Finally!" (7)

  1. Me first!!!!!!!

  2. Me liking the music……

    And bye to your roomie hope you don’t get a crazy one in her place..

  3. Can i be ur new roomie?

    Thats some katogo in there……

    Love the song within the post……

    U be how? am going to text u ryt now.

  4. i looked for you n i found you.amazed by the lyrical g track.How are you?

  5. Serious music star? Chick, arrange and become his arm candy.

    Coincidence, listening to Busted just now!!! Jinx.

  6. now you click why at oen point we were looking at you strange… those posts… lol… 🙂

    yeah, that fabulousness shouldn’t be kept all the time behind a desk being geeky…

  7. happy new year?

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