World War 3

So im a lover.. not a fighter which mainly stems from my ability not to get attached or emotionally involved in most things. I just dont see the point.

So this discussion about cars and how Land rover entered the US market ages ago. (You know, having the discussion finally made somethings that had bothered me for the longest time but was too lazy to actually find the answers. I had always wondered where Range Rover had emerged from and if it was related to Land ROver in anyway.. and then these Land Cruiser chaps also jumped into the plot…. )

But anyway, one of the “strongest” selling points for the car was its relation to the UK and how they were awesome and how  it was pretigious to own one of the SUV’s and blah blah.

Now apparently the car did not do so great in the States.. even the Discovery had relatively little impact on the market. Americans could not justify spending a lot of money “just so they could say it was from the UK”.

So back to the world war 3.

SOme guy (i think he’s from Norway) is talking about how the car’s in the states do not neccessarily say much in terms of their brands n slogans and the attachments people have. Here’s an example. Depending on your experience with Ford, where as its touted as this uber kewl car, Ford could stand Fix or Repair Daily on account of certain models always breaking down.

So guy goes on and is basically bashing American brand cars that do not live up to their names and supposed differentiating points.  He mentions chevy and suddenly this American was like “O, its because you arent American that you dont get it. You just dont see it the way its supposed to be, i disagree with whatever you are saying.”

It sounds innocent enough. Its the way she said it. Like “u international.. what do u know? infact y are we even involving you in this conversation?”

I was mad!! Like  about to pull out my hair mad! Goodness I had a lot to say!!! MAWE!

I calmed down enough to realize that it wasnt my battle to fight and really, there’s no point in arguing with ignorant patronizing imps.  There would absolutely be no point.

But i was MAD! Im still forming at the mouth but…. well.. im dealing with the reality that life is. As i say in my more saner moments.. “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’ever!”


Comments on: "World War 3" (7)

  1. How can u be a lover without committing to anything?

  2. you should have started that world war and stood up for the rest of us…. next time do not hesitate, okay?

    @kei, wamma ask her…

  3. Heee…..I would have seen fire…lol..but yeah..this is me trying to be diplomatic so

    “I calmed down enough to realize that it wasnt my battle to fight and really, there’s no point in arguing with ignorant patronizing imps. There would absolutely be no point.”

    Good thing you went with the calmer approach..

  4. Have u totally calm down now?………just to make sure. U should ve had the last say in the matter……..after all u r INTERNATIONAL, they know no better than wat they ve and they haven’t seen it all.

  5. oh dear! sorry about the nasty encounter but you do know they are many ignorant peeps scattered all about the place and no need to lose bits if hair about it. let them wallow in their ignorance.

    in other news; how are you doing?

  6. boyfulani. said:

    so tis here u ran to?
    and started a WW3?
    i c!

  7. Lover huh!!

    i have my own sentiments…

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