I have things to say…

Been keeping things to myself. Not because I was being mean with the info, but more because I have had to go through a lot of ” a lone time”. I have used the said time to think about what i want from life and what how i am going to get there. (yeah.. catching up on my last post).

Speaking of which,   i was pretty proud of myself. I went to church. Go Me! Go Me! Go! GO!!

Yeah.. not very big news but you havent met the biggest procrastinator on plannet earth. (I will now bore you with the detail in finding the church).

I did a google search (where would i be without u!?!) and i could not successfully find a church with public transport access. I quickly jumped to the conclusion that public transportation is out to get those of us who are hustling to find our place in this world.

Undeterred by this and by the fact that I really needed to have an answer about church for my mother when she asked, I decided to find one by Sunday morning. So that’s exactly what i did.

Okay, I’m not being truthfully honest (is that even grammatically accurate?). I had heard about this church on the way to my housemates church an my lazy self decided it would be easier to go to the said church as opposed to look for a new one.  So i set off for the 11 o’clock at 11 o’clock.

This business of getting caught in that awkward time gap when people look at you like “Never seen you before! who are you.. How are you?” and then suddenly you are this new thing that we must seat right and get to know so you dont disappear  has to be avoided at all costs.

I get there and do first visitor “maalo” (some one translate please). I follow the crowd.. that hasnt let me down so far…  well until this Sunday. I end up walking in and right out of the building. (ooo the shame!)

Finally figure out where i should be and walk into an interesting place (its called Morning Star Baptist Church, by the by…).

First thing.. the ushers be all dressed in white.  im like “gawsh.. heaven already?”

Then the pews be organised in that “hem you in” fashion.So either sit at the edge or on the front row otherwise you stuck for the entire service.  I, unfortunatley, am one of those who might run away in the middle of a service so i tend to sit closer to the exit so i generally must force myself to sit some place I will not easily get out of if i intend to stay the entire time.

The service starts soon enough and the general feeling i got was “home coming”. Do you know how hard it is to find a place that you feel right at home in??? In addition to which really, even if you did something silly no one knows you and people are generally forgiving of visitors and their faults…. so really, its a win-win.

Typical Baptist church i must say.. hymn books and all (when was the last time i went to one of those?!!) I could remember myself in high school.. all those wonderful choir memories flooding back (and no, I wasnt in the choir.. i almost always had a cold whenever auditions were coming up.. i know, very convenient.. guess that wasnt the place I was meant to be.. and yes, in case you are wondering  I can decently carry a tune).

I grow tired of writing this and I cannot actually remember my point. One highlight  of my service, Governor Deval Patrick was in attendance.Read about his plans here.

I thought…. interesting. Turns out its he’s church. I be rolling with the big dawgs!


Comments on: "I have things to say…" (2)

  1. ((clapping)) good girl. i am glad you found a Church that you feel at home… now is your chance to audition for the choir… hahahahaha

    “gawsh.. heaven already?” lol… only you tandra

    translation of maloo… it has so eluded moi

  2. LMAO… no wonder the Governor has been looking baffled this whole week… he couldn’t really place you.

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