Randomzy up date

No, this is not a valentine’s post. I think Sybella and Mr.B2B bored us enough. Ap9 also dedicated a song.. thanks!

Here’s my random post.

1. Blue ball point pens. You would think that Bic and Nice having zillions of these tiny things would make the experience stale but i must tell you that this is not the case. I have gone months without actually seeing blue ink pens. Black seems out to get me. Everywhere i go. I must confess that it does not help that I am usually looting pens (coz im too cheap to buy new ones when free ones are available) that doesnt really give me the much space to complain. But still.. what the deal? Blue is awesome!

2. It wasnt until about 4 months that i finally understood what it meant to develop coffee breath. I always thought it was something between conc coffee and tar (because of the zillions of movies i have had the misfortune to watch) but the reality is terrible.  You know with mama nakato watering down the coffee, its pretty hard to even come close to the experience of this coffee. After one or two attempts to become cool and take it like a woman, I have resorted to taking my coffee this way.


Please note: this is after watering down the said cup of coffee. I  begin to think we should add something to that question.

3. Question… no.. dont go back and scan through text to figure that out. I explain. When i was on campus and suddenly the possibilty of hooking up with an Ahmed or a Julius who was a chain smoker or Herbert who was an admitted alcoholic was closer to being a reality.. this question kept being asked.

Would you rather kiss a guy who eats garlic or smokes? (A variation of would u marry a fish monger or a garlic eater, i guess)

the kissing a smoker was always described as kissing an ash tray. We otherwise holy kids would look accusingly at the rest of the world like “how could you!”  LMAO

I think these harsh coffee drinkers should be added to the list. Tisnt a pleasant experience, i tell you.

4.  I am off to talk to my landlord. Apparently we are supposed to be getting my life in order. I am not ready for the experience. Dude tends to talk a lot and basically… I dont know if I am in the mood to listen. Chances are he’s about to tell me stuff I already know.. but well, you mustnt look a gift horse in the mouth.

5. Before i forget.. I am supposed to be interning at some thing called the Globalpost… which is a culmination of the best blogs in the world. I am supposed to be finding info on Canada and Ghana. If you know any brill bloggers in those zip codes.. help me out. THANK YOU.

One day when we are rich and famous, we shall look back and say.. we did odd things!

Show some love…. This Ugandan and Branding


Comments on: "Randomzy up date" (14)

  1. stop hating on the love… and my post was not about valentine’s day. it was just a coincindence…

  2. so you have been kissing someone with coffee breath? hmmm… spill the beans!

  3. Random indeed…

    I can’t do coffee…now I have a good excuse not to…I’m with Sybella…enhee…tell us 🙂

    For me..smokers are out..without any qualms..yuck..at least garlic is good for you

  4. First off, happy birthday in advance. Sybella is spreading the tidings.

    Globalpost huh? Noice.

  5. i think btwn a garlic eater and a smoker i will go for a smoker…oba a garlic eater….i dont know….none i guess

  6. Am still stuck to my coffee.

    I’ll kiss a garlic eater.

    Congs on global post thing..
    and lastly Happy Birthday

  7. Garlic? Tobacco?

  8. And Tandra, blue ink is soooo yesterday! 🙂

  9. I did? Eeeeeeeh mine was a BTW.

    T u r something else………those comparisons are crazy. I would rather kiss someone who drinks coffee than ur other choices.

    Hope u had a good bday.

  10. i would sooner kiss a smoker! Happy birthday before i forget

  11. therisingpage said:

    I think i missed the B-day: Hope you had a happy one…How did that meeting go? the one with the Landlord? Congs on the global post

  12. a guy woh eats garlic and has garlic breathe anyday!

  13. happy bday my dear

  14. people still use pens?

    and i love my coffee. expresso preferably. latte on occasion. black a lot of the time. so no for intimate moments?

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