Im bored!

So i have this job. It doesnt pay much but its still a job and I am grateful for it. The problem with this job though is that it can get boooooooooooring. OMG! like space-out-go-to-sleep boring!

It doesnt really help that im on some cold medication which is supposed to be “non-drowzy” but my body is willingly shutting down at every opportunity it gets. Its becoming embarrasing.

So, i went to work with the intention of working 3 and ahalf hours (dont know how they will work out the half hour payment but that isnt my problem, is it?) but i was 20 minutes late. (I left home in the middle of online lugambo, made it to the station and the train decided to lounge on the way). So i figured i shd be the fair African that I am and make up for the 20 minutes i was late. After 3 hrs and a half.. I was like “forget u!!”. I might be poorer but im happier….

Onto other news
Much love on the birthday greetings and sharing of the love (which reminds me, must call my cousin, her birthday’s today).

Things of note (in relation to my birthday): It was the first time in my ENTIRE life that I have spent that day without my family or friends. Either it happened when i was in school or when i was at home. (As i went through school with my siblings, i really wasnt ever alone on that day).
This year I was, which made me resolve to make it different next year.

In other news, i begin to think this girl I know desparately wants to be in a relationship. (yes Princess, decided to write about it afterall).

Eh but waiiit.. has an as if interview in an hour.. must dash.. will complete later


Comments on: "Im bored!" (3)

  1. Lol! Better dash back and share! 🙂

  2. Sweets, least u have a job. With this credit crunch, hold onto it with all your might (for as long as your manicured nails can).

  3. so how was the interview?

    take something interesting to read or do while you are at work if it is that boring… sorry about the cold.

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