So i am back

Before i unload my KB abt my friend who desperately wants to be in a relationship, lemme tell u.. i have done an aptitude test! Man…. all im saying is it is unlikely that I will ever catch up on anything mathematical.. i am officially drying me hands. Hopefully by the time a Jr decides to show up i wld have practiced on Rhys and my sister’s kids.. Kubanga! things be tight!!!

i keep looking at my roomie who wants to apparently go into nursing one day. She has these pre-reqs (requirements) that give me nightmares.. and I dont have to even do them!! I keep thinking… God knows what He is doing when He makes you the way He does…. and with that.. ends my dream of ever becoming a doctor some day… well doctor of medicine at any rate… I might loose a wire or two and manya pursue a Phd. or something.

Back to my relationship seeking friend (please note: this might be a biased view)

So this past Valentine’s my friend asks me what the plan is. Being me, I answered ‘absolutely nothing!”. Then i remembered… we were supposed to go to her Church for some thing called “Encounter”… just our luck that the Saturday it fell on was the 14th 😀 ( i wonder if i told u about our previous “Encounter session”? if not, the short of it was madam decided she wanted to see what it was like so, being the friend I am, i went a long (i think its also her way of getting me to hook up with God) but anyhu.. apparently after the service part… we were supposed to have drinks with the young people….

Ahem! Have i mentioned that it wasn’t until i got here that i finally understood that i was/am OLD? everyone is YEARS younger than me! It makes me shy….. but anyway.. we go to meet the “young people”….

the joke was on us.. the oldest young person might have been 18 🙂 I was soooo amused. Dont think friend was though….)

What was i saying before Encounter? Ooo yes.. so i ask friend if she wants to go to Encounter and in typical fashion, she’s like… people will see us there and know we are single and desperate… I was busy Loling at this point.

First signs of wanting to be in relationships i tell u.. the embarrassment factor…. even when No body knows you or even CARES what or who you are.

So she asks me a few days ago about my church and how i found it. ( Have a mentioned that I dont particularly like Madam’s church… and it is an issue? Hence all these “come to my church activities)).
I am like.. i like it fine.

She: We got to my church this Sunday
Me: let me think about it
She: Then i come to yours next week.
Me: Hmmmm.. y next week? whats so special about next week?
She: nothing.. i just think that’s what we should do….
Me:.. okay…
She: So 8’oclock?
Me: Are u kidding me? That’s too early to go to church!!!??!!!
She: But that’s when the service starts…
Me (thinking i could grab a ride to my church.. its before hers).. hmmmm.. sounds like a plan.

She didn’t go last Sunday.. but she assures me that this weekend, we will go to my church.
Did i mention that I am being roped into going to her church on Saturday… apparently some drama/theater type thing is going down.

Back to her asking about my church.. apparently because its smaller I now have higher chances or scouting and finding a boyfriend.

(Another random sign of desperately wanting one!)

I am like.. chick.. I go to church to talk to God. If He wills it and I find someone… great! Otherwise, that isnt why I am there… sheeesh!

Back to valentines… we go shopping, right? and she’s all looking around embarrassed.. I hear… People are coming home from dates and we are here coming in from shopping!

In my head: Like who cares?????????? like who even knows you alive???

Chick was sincerely embarrassed to be out with shopping bags… next time, I am ditching her for my other plot. And yes, in case you are wondering, I did have plans to go bowling that night but being the considerate friend I am, i decided to baby sit and it didn’t help… as u can see!

SO my resolutions concerning my friend… who by the way, i think thinks me inferior to her. Maybe coz i don’t spend hours on my makeup and don’t dress up on any day of the week or rarely have intelligent conversations…

I think me and God should have a talk and hook her up… either that or have her change churches (and yes, in case you are wondering, Church is the only place she hangs out in… I asked her if she has let the good brethren of the church know she is available.. and apparently she has. No one has seriously approached yet.. my thoughts on the matter… if 2 YEARS have passed and no one has said “holla”, either ditch church (and find another one) or ask God for a change of mind and heart. It must be frustrating living your life like that!!

Enough gos for one evening.. what u up to?


Comments on: "So i am back" (8)

  1. Me? I’m busily avoiding my homework. 😀
    But that roomie of yours, God needs to drop a man in her laps like now, now! Damn!

  2. “I am like.. chick.. I go to church to talk to God. If He wills it and I find someone… great! Otherwise, that isnt why I am there… sheeesh!”………WTG T

    Ur roomie is somethin else……….let her know its not yet her time.

    Am avoiding clinicals this weekend….thats wats up with me.

  3. The uys that go to Church go to talk to God…
    I’ve heard: She should probably go for over nights there will she find that guy

  4. that is really sad… wouldn’t call her a real friend of yours with all of that drama…

    although for her sake i hope she actually does get a good man and not settle for the next guy who ends up fancying her…

  5. boyfulani. said:

    so u is been hiding here?

  6. A simple lay will clear a girl’s mind. It’s a fact.

  7. but rented,, why arent i surprised? well tandra dram filled as always….lol!
    i hear you look bad without somone…but your buddy…eh,. pray and fast! for her

  8. I think i prefer Shoping and Bowling to the whole drama valentine’s day comes with…. holla next year and i will kick your tush in bowling

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