I was wondering why no one had commented…. turns out i didn’t hit publish 🙂 This is a few days old… enjoy

free style rant… check it!!

I woke up this morning and did not feel like going or doing anything. This might be due to the fact that I went to sleep at 1 AM after finally getting my assignment together. Did i mention that I actually had all day to do it but didnt??? No, dont think i did.

I tell u lazyness is such a problem. Imma going to come up with a cure for it… yes.. the idea greatly appeals to me.

Some peoplez asked (on account of my last picture) if “spring had sprung for me”… (i find that statement hillarious by the way) and the answer is no… I just thought “picture!” so i put it up…..

In some relatively related news, i keep reading about people being paid to be experiemented on. You know, if u are an insomniac , sign up, sleep in our labs for like 4 weeks and we shall pay you or if you are balding and would like help us find a solution, sign up now!!

I think these are ingenuous ideas, problem is, they never have things that actually relate to me. And chances are that if one day (which is why i keep checking) they happen to be doing research on something that actually relates to me, chances are, they will want like family medical history chart? A WHaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

People can lemessa! Out to get the poor African.  I dont know why they cant take my word for it that I am an awesome guinea pig. I will  think on that some what, I has to be experimented on some day. its on my “Things to do before you die” list.

Yes…. I have a list. Dont you??? Not admitting doesnt make it vanish into thin air, just so u know.

Ekilala, there’s this sign in the train that amused me like seriously. I saw it a few months ago and when i remember I be grinning like i just discovered where the sweetest binyebwa (groundnuts) are sold.

Apparently when you are riding the T (apparently slang for Train or is it MBTA.. must check on like http://www.urbandictionary.com) and someone makes touches you inappropriately  and makes you feel uncomfortable please call (some number that i can never remember… reminds me of the IT crowd scene

But anyway, I prolly should not smile on account of the fact that there are real psycho’s out to get u on the train. Infact, there was this one who would lick women’s feet as they sat on the train.

Talk about an Ewwwwwwwwww moment!!!

where was i going with this???

No idea… and my time is almost up. Whats the point of a rant if you have a time restriction?? Huh??? thats like trying to gobble up ice cream because u have like 2 seconds to finish it up…

which reminds me, i went to coffee with my cousin. So she looks at the brownies (I will take her word for it that thats what they are called)  and she asks when they were baked. CHich was like “last week”.. In my head I was like… Errr.. has the health inspector been??? Gawsh!!”

I had a  muffin. This business of things going crazy on u because MBU they look nice… i dont want!!!!

okay… time to go….


Comments on: "aha!!" (2)

  1. So how old were the muffins?

  2. lol… a week old brownies?! those peeps are shameless. i always assume that such stuff is fresh, now i shall never take it for granted and will ask… but will Ugandans tell me the truth?

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