My baby!!

So my baby came in a few days ago! I am still like over the moon EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEXCITED!

The only thing getting me is this shake to shuffle thing. I tell you, my arm is tired… it is soooo tired and yet that was one of the reasons i got it… Still not sure what I am going on about, right? OKay, without further ado… i present…..


I am still gushing over it.  My brother hooked me up.. happy birthday prezzie. I am still grieving over Ipy One… though


Ipy One was close to four years old. Replacing the battery would have cost some unholy amount just to keep it. I thought that would be crazy thinking. 

What is awesome about IPY 2. ..

1. 8G of music… OOOOOO the power! (i know, no where near 16 or 30 but man, graduating from 2G is a BIG deal!).

2. Its Orange! Like sun burnt Orange! Reminds me of my car… Sunshine her name was. 

3. It does the flip to the side thing of watching movies and pictures so you dont have to look at the screen horizontally all the time.

I know, im done being a sale’s peep. What i dont like about it…. (maybe coz i havent figured out things yet)

1. It can decide to play only within an album and not shuffle ur entire library (mainly coz u have to set it and it inherits commands, which is a bit annoying.. like if u got into an album to listen to one song and expect it to shuffle out of the next song, the joke is on u)

2. It took me minutes and violent shakes to get the thing to “shuffle”. It was a concern for people jogging that this feature (which is supposed to let u shuffle your music by shaking the ipod from side to side) would cause the ipod to change while they jogged.

trust me, no small amount of jogging will get this baby to change!!!

Other than that.. it has been an enlightening two days. For some reason, my baby has decided that out of the 500 songs, I must be hankering Ugandan music/Utake Music. I have been subjected to songs no one shd EVER know i have. Gawsh.

I will say one thing though… GNL is awesome!! Or at least a few of his lines are just plain silly. Take a listen some time. (for those of you who don’t speak/understand Luganda, this might be a trick… 

In this song Mr. Right.. GNL starts off by saying (i think), Oli chick toli messe (You are a chick, you are not a rat) Grinned like a problem..first time i heard that.

SOme where he talks about giving chick dimes so she wona’s ebitutwa  (roughly translated to mean she she doesnt have to have tuts (what are tuts in english???) ….yeah, im mudering luganda but wa’ever.  





Comments on: "My baby!!" (10)

  1. Are u donating ipy1? I could use a 2G storage device

  2. You have a beautiful baby. Give it time to grow and you’ll fully enjoy the tons it has to offer

  3. Pretty baby! For now I can’t have ‘kids’ but soon…hahaha

  4. ooohh..pretty!

  5. Lol mbu your happy birthday prezzie.

    But damn! She’s beautiful.

  6. Ur baby sure is bright…… u r still acepting presents?

    But that song…..the beginning cracked me up.

  7. oooh… i am so happy for you. your baby definitely has Sunshine’s colour… reminds me of the good old times…

    i miss you…

  8. Whatever!!

    Guess you can tell i am beefing
    love the colour…

  9. wow i like the coluor i like your baby!

  10. congratulations dear! wow. i love the colour!

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