While i wish i were out skipping along the streets singing “holiday” (Madona) at the top of my lungs, for one, i dont think people would take kindly to me skipping along shouting at the top of my lungs and second, man, when was the last time i went skipping gaily about?

Hmmm.. prolly two days ago.. i like to skip gaily u see.. tis the small things that make life worth living, i tell you

Still wondering why I would be skipping and singing? I am on holiday this week. Apparently a thing called Spring break. No idea why but munange apparently tis time to recharge. I have been hearing stories about this week for eons (thanks to television) but I didnt think it was such a big deal. Apparently it is…. but as usual, things have gone over this Africans head.  It didnt really help that I had to go earn a living for 3 of the 5 day break so that kind of put a dumper on things.

I have thus been relegated to gazing at people’s facebook pictures about AWESOME places they visited. All im seeing is “how MUCH did you spend? isnt that like rent for 6 months?”…. its in those moments that i realize we be in different leagues. sigh.

But i shall not let that get to me.. I am still scheming for where to go and what to do. On one hand i want to stay in coz I never get to do that during the week…. but on the other, I think walking around idly might not be a bad thing to do. Someone suggested window shopping. Doesnt sound like a bad idea. Problem is, i dont like shopping to begin with… so getting me to go window shopping…

In other news, my supervisor of sorts got engaged so she was the center of attention on Tuesday. Kati thing was, she didnt tell me… i just heard coz MAN, we ALL heard the story all day. But i didnt want to come off like I was the ONLY one in the entire office who didnt say congratulations. This is when being an African overly diplomatic became a problem.

I mean I could have just joined all the gushers at some point and been like .. OMG!! I am so happy (and do a half hug thing) but what if the chick had intepreted that as Kamanyiro? (being overly familiar?). Ndeeka!

But on the other hand, she’s the reason I have a job, so if i didnt say anything, it would appear like “Who do i think I AM not to say congs?”… women be weird like that.

Eventually, when i was saying good night.. i casually said ” i heard a rumor u got engaged”. Chick was excited.. showed me the ring.. which was AWESOME! You could tell guy spent dimes! (meanwhile apparently the engagement is supposed to be 3 times your salary…that true in UG?)

I have a problem.. no.. more like issue a foot I need your help with. I have finally decided to get off my butt and actually become interesting and find things to do ergo a hobby list. (and making new friends doesnt qualify to be on a hobby list, just so u know)

SO i need ideas.

So far, i have kayacking until i realized there prolly wasnt a river anywhere near actually i prolly shdnt tell you coz it will limit your versatility.

So… help?


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  1. Hobbies?

    Have you tried spelling everything you say backwards? It’s fun

  2. barakamakanga said:

    Nice one from Erique. I should try that too.

    Spring break…those are things we only hear from on American t.v series and stuff. I also want to attend!

  3. Spring Break!!! Yes that’s a time to look forward to after the cold where to go and enjoy without spending 6months rent is the question

    I wish I could suggest but am still in solitary mode

  4. i am liking that 3 times your salary thing. it would stop men from giving chicks cheap rings…

    hobbies… paint ball shooting? 🙂

  5. I’m also looking for a hobby…so shall read the comments and see what guys come up with…

    My Cartier ring (ie the one I eyed in the shop and told myself will be mine someday) def falls in that category…I so want it!!

  6. Whenever i read ur posts i imagine u saying all these words and it cracks me up………

    Am short on hobby suggestions.

  7. please do not ask me. i think interwebs is a hobby. so is putting together computers. i am quite sure i am not all there. otherwise how are you doing? i hear you are gai[ly]? a bit confused there.

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