What are you doing?

Apparently facebook and twitter want to know what I am doing, thinking and possibly everything in between every minute of every second of every day. Facebook i get… twitter and me, we experience a hate hate trelationship at the moment.

It always amazes me the amount of information people fit on their business cards. In addition to their awesome sounding job titles, they add the usual phone numbers(office, cell, home) , emails (plus alternatives), website (personal and company), Twitter ID, facebook thingy… plus if possible associations they belong to. Im like.. talk about information over load!

In other news, i had a relatively interesting weekend.

Friday night, there I am in my bed (it was like 9pm.. yes i am ready to sleep at that time, doesnt mean i do… but wa’ever) and some chick calls.. im like.. will call back! insists..  im like..hmmm.. okay. Wat the deal?  

Turns out she’s meeting up with a friend for drinks, do i want to join? I am like… its closer to 10 than 9 now, dress.. walk in the cold…  find a bus.. really??? all this for a drink? how desperate am i?

Well desperate enough apparently. Chick picked me up… went to this restaurant/bar. A reggae raga band was playing live. Really nice!! But the name eludes me now… u’d have problems remembering it even on Sunday morning on the way to church.

Then Saturday the brother was around. So we hooked up with a few people and hung out. Apparently twas St. Patrick’s weekend and people were looking for excuses to drink. All green and leafy. (i am not doing a good job of explaining this, am i? well on tuesday (which is the actual day) after i have seen what the fuss is, hopefully i will write again)

The point about saturday. We go to a Ugandan club. Banange it was like being at TLC. Note that i didnt say stakeout or even blue what-its-name (Blue Haze) or kelly’s oba cheese bar or whatever it is being called these days.  TLC. playing UG music ONOLEY. (okay, there were 2 oldies and a bit of lingala but that doesnt really count). 

The usual suspects were in attendance… chick is skimpy clothes, over weight chick, guy with white shinny shoes, guy with apparently lizzard/croc skin shoes, chick with shinny buttons, many overly glossy lips, red tending towards purple lip stick.. eye shadow (more like pencil eyebrows actually), that guy whoz trying to be friends with everyone and is being treated like a major looser.. man! Kla central!!

All im saying is you can take a person out of KLA but man… we are still ugandans MA PROPER!!

I also sadly realised that thats not necessarily a part of Kla i Miss….

In other news…. I cant wait for Monday to be done. I have this class tonight that I havent been to in 2 weeks, the brain is slow on the up take. 

Pray for me.

What are YOU doing?


Comments on: "What are you doing?" (7)

  1. Am still catching up with sleep…My weekend was not as outgoing as yo’s but I’ve done most of the work I kept procrastinating on.

    I told twitter to go blow it’s self

  2. princess said:

    Ugandan club? That is the shizz-nizz! Summer plot!

  3. so did you have a good time at the club?

    we are praying for you!

  4. Totally dope randomzies like…
    i can just picture the Ugandan-ness at the club T…


  5. Uganda paka lasti….

    Oh TLC no longer exists….i see some demolitions going on…

    Nice week girl

  6. heh. they done went and imported UG!

    this this is quite unlike you. i am not complaining though. the legibility is astounding!

  7. Chi Bar. That is what they call it these days

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