Catching up…

Apparently, 3 or thr33 or Nikolas thought “the legibility(of my last post) is (was) astounding!”. I didn’t think i wrote that incoherently but then again, maybe that’s the point of this blog. Being totally random and overbearingly hard to follow, unless ofcos you hang out with many girls, then they should be relatively easy to follow.

I did say that if i figured out what the big deal about St. Patrick’s day I would tell you. I didn’t.. but I did Google an answer for you. O.. just found an article on Fast company about how St. Patrick’s day measures up like how much do peoples actually spend.

My boss was like “what u doing?”

I’m like : going home!

Boss: But its St. Patrick’s day!

Me: SO????

Boss: You supposed to be out drinking!!

Me: Naaa.. not my thing. Plus if you even have to think about how and when to have fun,  it kinda becomes UNfun, u know!

Boss (clearly wondering what was wrong with the African): Oooo okay!

I think i might have blown my chances to get invited to the next company party (Ha! Who am i kidding? I don’t work in one of those places.. its small… people don’t do mixers….)

Something kinda related to my quest for new hobbies. I just realized that i like to read ads especially little classified type things.

Here’s a few that I thought were interesting (for no apparent reason)

1. Bicycle riding for beginners

If you’ve never ridden a bicycle, this class is for you. We start at the beginning, learning how to balance the bike and also cover controlling the bike, using gears and what to look for in a bike u buy. Bikes can be rented for $5. if the class is full when you call to register, be sure to ask to be placed on the waiting list, we’ll create a second section if enough people are wait-listed.

First  reaction was like “seriously???”. Then i was like.. well not every one got the chance to “drive” rubber tyres (u know, worn tyres with sticks and water to act as lubricant) or cars from rubber slippers (sapatu), some plants stems as “steering wheels”. Now that i think about it, just how did we build those things??? (eh man! the memories)

All you have to spend for this gem of a class: $100

2. Procrastination.

Imagine how it would feel to get things done on time,easily and naturally. not just the little things but the big things too. you have not stopped procrastinating even though to tell yourself to do so, because you don’t know how. procrastination is a pattern of relating: you have difficulty relating to an aspect of your life. Lear how to break the destructive pattern of procrastination. learn simple and effective techniques that do work. this workshop will help you put these techniques into action.

Now seriously? if you are a dedicated procrastinator, what are the chances that you will sign up? just asking….

All needs to fork over: $113

3.There was one on “learning all the tricks of Microsoft words”. That one had me rolling. In this age when we are all fighting to be better than just basic Microsoft office, knowing the tricks wont get you THAT high up the food chain, in my humble opinion.

Also reminded me of YMCA. I think that was the only place with classes on Computers (or maybe it should be called computing) a few years ago. I remember seeing the ads at least. It might have been due to the fact that I have to pass by the place every time i go to town but we wont go there.

In other news, i didn’t update on what i did on Sunday. Lemme tell you, you allow yourself to be fooled into doing really silly things.


See this guy here…. he convinced me that the sun must be toasty. All im saying is 5 minutes later, I had re-acquainted myself with the fact that I am a pure African.  Toasty my feets!

Have a fun day!


Comments on: "Catching up…" (11)

  1. $100 to learn how to ride a bike? right…

    that Sunday progi looks good…

  2. I loved this post….

    From the bike lessons…muahahaha….to the toasty feets 🙂

  3. sigh. tandra. it is about the clothes that your blog wears. not. your. writing.

  4. now there is an image in my mind of a crowd of people sitting on a computer.

  5. barakamakanga said:

    Wow, I am loving this post. Puts a smile on me face. And tell u the truth, I need to go for those bike lessons!

  6. still random as ever….

    and the memories of cruising tires with banana peels as the fuel are so vivid

  7. have a fun day to..

    and am ‘feeling’ the memorie of worn tyres and sticks.


    African my feets!!!

  9. lol…………..T

    I never got to learn how to ride a bike.

  10. liciousness as always…

  11. Dope post….Am at advanced level on all those, even procastination

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