SO i really feel like kicking myself coz I havent written in a week. Mainly I was just being lazy. OOoo and also some person’s close to me complained coz apparently they learn about most “important” things happening with me from my blog and not me in person. So i am going to let various pieces of news percolate for a while before i post about them.

Percolate.. that word in relation to thoughts and ideas always fascinates me. My poor brain actually tries to figure out HOW that would happen.

Okay, Lets see, what have I been up to.

1. I went to the Rosoff Awards.. yes, this means nothing to you  but its a Huge deal in some circles. we are talking HUGE! And so i had to find appropriate cloths to the event.

My room mate generously offered to go shopping with me. I didnt bother to tell her that I was the worst person to go shopping with, I mean, she had generously offered, right?

Lets just say 3 hrs later, I am sure she got the point. We aint going shopping together Again, if she has anything to do with it hehheehehehhe

The event was nice, company’s from all over my zip code. You know at home we dont really think about inclusiveness and diversity (yeah, I see you raising your brow like, huh?… and thats exactly my point!) I wont bore you with the detail. And I am going to be mean and totly shut up about that now.

2. I am suffering from Not wanting to wake up disease.

3. I hopefully wont have to leave my home on thursday. I am sooooooo psyched, u have no idea!

4. Speaking of Home, I will be kind-ovy homeless for 4 month.. at the end of this month ( April). I dont know if i shd be excited or worried. I use homeless here loosely. I should say between houses. Is it right for me to say “between accomodation”

5. I am apparently engaged which i am totly amused over. This guy proposed (bear in mind I actually  think he might be serious) me being me, i said yes. Next he was like.. should i change my facebook status…

Me: Knock yourself out!

Dude rushed over but apparently Facebook wldnt allow him to link our accounts (thank the Lord) so he’s current status is “In a relationship and its complicated”.

I seriously LOLED. OKay, this is me  actually assuming the status change relates to me. Guy might be on his own plot.

6. A friend of mine is getting married and I am over the moon happy. I am always happy to see people go…  (Also reminds me that  i aint a spring chicken any more but thats just a tiny detail). The fact that I wont be there is putting a little dumper on the excitement but wa’ever! This is why Camera’s were created.

7. I am suddenly very hungry.


Comments on: "Ramdomzies" (10)

  1. i actually love the randomzies ones..

    and yeah sockies again suuckaz…

  2. petesmama said:

    Congwats on the engagement.

  3. go ahead and change yo facebook status as well

  4. better change yo facebook status to…

    kati now congs on that engagement.

  5. lol… So are you also going to change your relationship status?

    Yes, we shall take loads of pics for you.

  6. am i invited for the wedding..?

  7. way to go!! change status too…Am not sure if I sd be feeling for the guy..face book has not approved of the engagement.

  8. eh, chei! and i am the last to know!?

  9. just dump your profiles and create one for the both of you…that way u can put up nice smiley photos,u know, the works…

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