Fate Vs. Faith

I was chatting with this guy who is convinced that I should sign up for/at Success University.

First off the skeptic and brand conscious side of me cried out in disbelief. Success University. Really??? What do we get taught? To be successful?

I guess i should give the author/creator of this name some marks for taking a simplistic approach to it. But seriously, if all we are going to be taught is to be successful, how many levels/courses/programs would they have to qualify for the term “University”.

My second reaction was…. ha! Nga I haven’t ever heard of it! But then again, with the zillions of universities, colleges and educational institutions out there, its very possible that I would not have heard of it.

When guy made it clear it was an online university, it suddenly became clear. Crystal clear.

He asked if he could send me the info so I could learn more about the program and essentially decide if I wanted to sign out. Being the polite person I am, I was like “sure!” knowing full well that there was NO WAY I was going to sign up.

Yes, I am getting to how this relates to the title of this post. Thank you for staying with me.

So today, we are chatting about how my day is going.

Waiit, before I go there. I should point out that I am one of those people who will run from any sort of “self motivation” campaign mainly because I don’t like being forced to learn things. And the chances of you actually telling me something I haven’t heard a version of some place else are close to none. Plus, I think it is reasonable to assume that life works out differently for everyone. Just because you think strawberries are awesome and were key to your success, doesn’t mean that although I agree that strawberries are awesome, they will work for me in exactly the same fashion.

Back to conversation…. ahem!

So we start out with the usual… howz life… blah blah blah and I decide that i didn’t really want to have to sit through more sales pitches for Success University so I tells the guy it wasn’t my kind of thing. (The following conversation is paraphrased)

Ko him : what’s your kind of thing?

Me: Something that doesn’t force me to learn something.

H: LOL. Well u learn something from everything you do. U cant say u go around not learning

M: True but when I am being forced to is generally doesnt work.

H: Well its all about bettering your life and achieving goals and blah blah blah. Lets say for example that u could get paid for chatting on face book. are u saying u wld walk away from the opportunity to make free money? You are on facebook to learn something.

M: well no. I am actually on facebook coz i wanted to keep in touch with people I wldnt see for a long time. If it wasnt for that i wldnt be on facebook. I dont need facebook.

H: LOL but still. In your quest for bettering your life, you have to do something about it. Even though u might have gone to school coz ur parents expected it of you and found a job and watever, surely u must think there’s got to be more to life. more you should be striving to achieve.

M: actually no. See, thing is, life works out the way it does regardless of what you do or u dont.

H: hahahahhahaa.. you have to do something.

M: no, see God is in control. Nothing happens that He doesnt know about and He has prepared you to handle whatever right?

H: I think you are confusing fate with faith.

M: Are you implying that things happen and God is suprised?

H: No ……… but

Me: anha?

H: You have to be in control of your life. You shdnt just let things happen. In order for you to be blessed and what not, you have to seek to do things and blah blah blah.

I had to run. But the conversation was one of those u keep (or at least I ) keep having with people. With varying degree’s of success.

I believe in fate (destiny karma whatever) and I have faith. According to me, when things happen, they were meant to happen. As my master and creator is at work in my life, i believe He lets things happen to me for various reasons.

Do I look at my life in total desolation as a result and walk around with a woebegone expression all day long? No I don’t. I have faith in the God who has seen me (and all of us) from the start of my days to where I am today.

What your views on the matter?


Comments on: "Fate Vs. Faith" (11)

  1. I totally agree with you on this one. I never try to rationalise things, becausee i am a firm believer that there is jack all you can do about a situation that He does not want you to do or he never intended to happen in the first place. So the whole take charge of your life jazz…Heck no!

  2. i think the fella is right when he says you have to be in control of your life and you shdnt let things just happen. you have to make decisions and do things and what not. life works out the way it does because of what you do or dont. hey thats just my tuppence!!!

  3. just live your life. basically what i do. it tends to surprise me on occasion.

  4. fate..fate…

    I just always think its all predetermined..

    But then just like 31337 said…Live it

  5. I agree with you ..i believe in fate..that everything that happens is destined to be. whether you do something about it or not it is destinied to happen..Though at the same time we determine our future….

  6. i think that our journey has many branches and therefore with each choice that we make, you end up at a certain point in your life like you may chose to eat that all so delicious bar of chocolate and then start piling on pounds is the result, then you decide to hit the gym and because of that miss gundi’s bridal shower… now had you decided to eat a carrot, you wouldn’t have put on the weight and therefore not gone to gym but instead got a gift for gundi and have a good time with the girls… not sure if you get my point…

    and God knows about all of these choices and the consequences of each one… where your life lead as a result…

    and yes i do believe in faith.

  7. I have your same thoughts, I believe you can decide stuff on your own and God will always map out the path.

  8. i totally agree
    men should stop playing God n leave fate alone.
    Wat must happen will happen,

  9. you aint alone , i meet people who say that but i beleive that with being a christian god has worked it out for you, everything, yes you discipline yourself to getting where he is already taking you , and fate…naaah not for a christian, all things work together for the good of those who are called by God, EVERYTHING no fate belief in me, nah, there are no coincidences in life.

  10. Well… This is what I know. I have, in person, met Faith… But just because I am yet to meet Grace and Joy doesn’t mean they don’t exist. As such I cannot deny the existence or usefulness of Fate. Actually, I think Sybella is right, quit obsessing on the tall tree and just climb. While you are at it, eat a carrot and save up for the bridal shower. Then, like Robyn, blame it on the alco…. oops, blame it on the men if you don’t succeed.

  11. Your life is and always will be your own. You choose what to do with it, apart from the fact that you have no control over the being born thing, everything else about you is in your purview.

    Everything that you have done and will do in your life will be because you decided or will decide to. To quote “The Matrix”

    “Why? Mr. Anderson, why do you do it? Why do you persist?”

    “Because I choose to”

    So in light of that, all a person needs to know is that there are things that matter and those that don’t and also that there are things we can influence and those that no matter how hard we try, we cannot alter.

    The choice then becomes simple, to pay attention to the things that matter and influence those that we can and also attempt to expand our circle of influence.

    All in all, your life is and always will be your own.

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