Yes, i like to start my posts this way, especially when i have been missing for a while.

At this very moment, I am listening to some one singing about some guy being mesmerized by her big booty and fighting major sleep. I had a howwible day today.. howwible because I had absolutely nothing to do for about 8 hours. Okay, in all fairness, it was just nothing to do for 7 hours, one hour worth of stuff has to count for something, right?

so lets see, what have i been up to.

first, facebook is beyond interesting. the other day i woke up and was fairly tired of the world and i find this email from some random guy.

Am well pleased with u, and espedially by your features,looking amacure lady,kind,and intresting to be with. I have wished to add u as my friend,am a Ugandan from Kasese, studying in Nairobi. All the best,hope to remain in touch.

I died. I seeeeeeeeriously lol’ed.

first of, phrases like “well pleased” make me think of God and that scene when the heaven’s open up and the light shines down and there’s a dove involved and then He says something like He is “well pleased” with His son.

Then words like a “amacure” lady make me think I must come across as old and jaded. And i must say its only an Ugandan who would say “macure” and somehow still manage to get their point across.

The “macure” thing also reminds me of how when we were in s6 and we attended Sosh (social meet up between schools- i guess our equivalent of prom… maybe NOT) and this boy was fighting to come up with a way of telling us that although most of us were on the heavy side, we were still beautiful (im guessing that was he’s point).

He ended up saying something like (read as is, donnot edit)
“They must feed you well, you guys are masicular”.

Now that i think about it, maybe he meant we were heifers.

Moving on…..
I have like 3 assignments due. Have i started on them? Noooo..
Do i want to get them done? YES
what seems to be the problem, i hear you ask, silly brain just doesn’t want to cooperate. its on leave.

Tomorrow bez Friday!!! Excited I Iz!!!

In a somewhat unrelated note: one of my close friends will walk down the aisle on Saturday. I learned that another one of the bunch might be doing the same in August.. leaving 2 out of 4 unwed. I cant really count the other party coz she’s practically married.

What does this all mean?
1. The “must get married” bug finally bit the group.
2. I am happy for the friends, if they know they are doing the right thing.
3. I might become an auntie or 3 sooner than i expected.

4. Where did the time go? I remember running up hills, climbing up jambula trees, playing kwepena, going off to boarding school, waiting to receive a letter on gunu (or whatever exercise paper was called those days), getting onto campus, doing the usual “playing at being grown up”, leaving campus and doing the job rounds… and suddenly my friends are getting married. MY friends. shoot!


Comments on: "So" (18)

  1. Oh Tandra…I’m going to sleep happy…that message from your admirer has killed me 🙂

    Sorry bout the horrible day…tommorrow’ll be better…..

    Ooohh…weddings…the actual wedding is fun..marriage is the scary bit.

  2. Someone has GAME!!!
    and it has even been smelt in Kasese, Nairobi!!

    i really like the randomzies of sorts T, even though this one is not a direct randomzie, i just like it

    the part about growing up does indeed strike a cord somewhere…
    dope post!

  3. tumwijuke said:

    You are growing up.

  4. i am well pleased that yuwa back

  5. petesmama said:

    Ditto Emrys. I am masicularly happy.

  6. Am well pleased with this post

  7. Ma-cure lol.
    Probablly he meant yu shall be his cure to loneliness

  8. petesmama, emrys…that’s howwibly funny.
    “They must feed you well, you guys are masicular”.
    i like..the admirer..what was your response?

  9. lol……you never know you might be the next walking down the aisle to ugandan from kasese studying in Nairobi

  10. Beat your friend to it and get married.

    So wat was ur reply to ur Kasese-Nairobi dude?……..just wondering surely you did reply

  11. lol That msg was serious. Hope you accepted?

    Seeing that your friends are leaving you single, it’s time to get done with assignments

  12. my God this post has killed me. atti masicular. i actually can picture someone saying that!


  13. heifers?! lol… afi

    i am hoping that at least 1 of the assignments is done by now…

  14. maiscular…Hmmm

    game it could have been…but no way.

    Got u tagged for an Honest scrap award….and so do your thing gal

  15. Pass by mine for a bit coz i tagged you and the entire Tandraliciousness!

  16. you is all growed up and macure now? *dead*

  17. i got a facebook message like that some guy who is a ugandan born in mbarara schooled there, lived in kenya and now in states!

  18. quit the silence…now go pick your Honest Blog award..details here

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