I swear!

I will be your friend for ALWAYS if you figure out why my website wont work!

I am working on a deadline so like… work your magic…

I swear..best friend even.. incase u need one 🙂


Comments on: "I swear!" (11)

  1. petesmama said:

    Why don’t you ask Soloking? Then you won’t have to offer friendship to the world at large.

  2. Yeah
    get to the SoloDawgKing…
    And his friendship id for free banange!!

  3. Just be my best friend………..lol!!!

  4. ha! wrong number!

  5. mr. king please help tandra… i will be your best friend in ug on her behalf until she gets back here 😉

  6. sorted dear?

  7. Which website?

  8. btw, tandra…what are the details?maybe i can help…

  9. U have lots of helpers hope its sorted out by now.

  10. Tandra, been a while but the rust could easily come off. I’ll help as much as my free time will allow. That’s if solo king is somehow not available.

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