website update

Things aint going well at mine but well… King of the Solomon fame or Solomon of the King fame or whatevs!

if you could look at my work in progress and make comments..especially what u hate (and yes, not all the links work) send me an email or drop comments… let me know… i kinda need to know in the next few hrs as it is …err.. due 🙂

OOo what its about; its supposed to be like the first stop for information on Uganda so tell me what you think, what you would expect.. was it easy to navigate… shd i have changed my headings? what else should i change…

lemme stop suggesting, u will stop thinking about it…

In otherwords, did you visiting the site make you think??

Thank you!


Comments on: "website update" (8)

  1. so far so good…
    very navigable..
    might need a few other critiques tho’

  2. Sure thing. Will drop an email shortly, but since you said a few hours…

  3. Okay, comments are not that much to warrant an email, so here goes. ( I hope you don’t mind public critiques)

    Overall, it’s a pretty decent site. Better than most I’ve seen from “web developers” who apply to work at Node Six. So kudos.

    Visually, two main issues bug me.

    1. The left-hand side menu doesn’t have enough padding, it’s too close to the margin. Give it some breathing space. (This applies to your drop down menus as well)

    2. Your top masthead images are pixelated. This is very visually unappealing. This is most likely because you had a small image and stretched it inside your web editor. You’ll need to resize the original image in an image editor (photoshop or something) and then bring that image into your web editor.

    Functionality wise, two issues again:

    1. Too many menus. You have three menus pretty much doing the same thing. Top, left, bottom. Reduce them or make them less specific. I’d say the one on the left is redundant.

    2. At the very least the link to the home page should work (especially from other pages).

    Hmmm… perhaps I should’ve sent an email.

    Otherwise, good stuff!

  4. As usual
    The SoloKingDAwg rocketh

  5. I can see the King has sorted u out….But you can ask for more…… from him if u ae still doing badly…hhahahahaaa

  6. oooh, mr. king has sorted you out ma proper… thank you mr. king

    what do we win when we pass this one?

  7. I love the fact that you pulled off a drop-down menu, neat…some suggestions(though sensei king has nailed mosta it):
    1.When on an inner page, you could highlight the fact that you are on the inner page. When i’m on about us, the bottom menu shows it. You could carry that to the top menu and use the ‘hover’ effect (blue background) to highlight which page one is on
    2. Clean up the titles of the pages (in the page header). Change aboutus to ‘About us’, change gardencity to ‘Garden City’ get the drift. You could add :: to titles,they look neater e.g ::About us. They look better in the title
    3. I thinkyou could do without that scroller(to the left). Make the page longer, a bit. You could get rid of it on the homepage, you do not need it there
    4. I’m with king on the menus. I’d suggest you lose the left navigation and put some great pics. Get those ‘wow effect’ snaps, kids make for great pics. You have the ideas, your banner goes to show. I cd email you some great pic sources
    5. What do you plan to use to pull off the message board?
    6. You may need to revise the website structure i.e where what links fall, sub-links and the like. e.g Notes! as a top-navigation item is really hard to make sense of
    7. You could do with more pics…Ug is one of those countries you can see in pics and want to fly here IMMEDIATELY..splash that stuff around
    8. Now finally catching me breath, i think you have a great concept and the execution was great, js needs some patches here and there…

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