OKay, so first step is done… next i shall hold a web unveiling paaaaaaaaaaaaarty! or web something amajig.

In other news, banange nkoye (i am tired). To night, i shall sleep. Hopefully. You know how it is, you look forward to the “grand event” and things just dont want to work the way they should.

In other ooooooooooother news, lemme see what things have been happening around me.

1. I got to wear my bubu the other day (some as if free flowing dress). I was sooooooooooooo happy with myself until i went shopping in some relatively young people shopping zone, looked at the mirror and finally figured out why every one was looking at me funny. ( that’s open to interpretation 🙂 )

2. Things always happen when i aint around! Kati the other day i got a new roomie, it wlda been exciting except for the fact that she was only moving in for a week. I was like..”well child, good luck with that!”.
So madam moves in on friday morning (those things of 2 am, me was dead to the world). I meet her like at 5 the next day.. pretty interesting person.
I figure we were friends coz at the time she only knew 2 other people but who was i not to enjoy short lived friendship, right? so she and her buddy (a guy) want to hang out and stuff.. I am like.. “chick, all i do is …. i am the most boring peep, i can prolly tell u where to go, if you like..”

which is how i ended up watching “state of play” or is it “play of state” either way… like 6 minutes into the movie i wanted to scream “Awa MONEY!”. man, i dont know i got through that movie, gawsh!

Anyhu, fast forward to Sunday morning. I must say, there must have been a reason why things were working against me that Sunday. First i woke up in time to catch the bus, but didnt coz i took too long a shower. When that was done, I ran out of the house (seriously) and got more than half way and realized that I hadnt carried my wallet. So i stroll back to the house where my current roomie had just come in from church. Do some small time talking and off i go (at this point, new roomie hadnt surfaced and buddy was still asleep on the couch).

I come back, 2 and a half hrs later to a suspiciously silent house. On inquiry apparently new roomie had been kicked out. ( I mean how much harm can u do asleep, right?)

Turns out she’d changed a few thing terms on her lease that dear old landlord did not agree with.

They had one of those “why did u change this”… “YOU cant tell me what to do, u aint my daddy” arguments. sigh.

Where were current roomie and buddy? standing right in the middle of the arguement (we live in relatively close quarters).

Where was i? Off being a good christian.. I tell u, these things of missing drama, shall not be allowed.

3. I met an aunt of mine the other day. She’s actually my mum’s cousin, which should make us pretty close relations. That was the 2nd time in my entire life i was meeting her. Usual KB’s of “why havent u called me?” blah blah.
In my head i was like “and we talk about what exactly?”

Didnt say it ofcos.

This is my “weird” aunt. Her and her husband (the last time they were at another aunts house) apparently carried their scale to weigh/count how many calories were in the food they were being served.

The family is still in shock over that.

4. Labour day… what it is????


Comments on: "Thanchu senkyu Mwebale" (4)

  1. U lie T ur aunt and uncle didn’t do such a thing……….if i was the hostess i would not serve u any food only a glass of water if they are lucky…..

  2. Labour day my dear… Only a mother can tell you. In other words you’d have to have been there to understand.

  3. they actually watch calorie intake?wow…we await that site unveiling…

  4. ……looking at me funny……LOL!!!!

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