time check

7.04 PM.
I sit in this office wondering why I am still sitting here and yet knowing that if i intend to sleep in tomorrow morning, I must sit here until the job is done.

My feet hurt. I have been walking around and standing around for about 3 hours.

Will I be paid for this? No. Will it in some way make me miraculously loose 30 pounds? No.. and so I ask myself if it is really worth it.

Nothing much has changed. My eyes hurt. I slept at 1 am after my body decided it didnt want to rest. I woke up briefly at 4.00am. I wondered why. “Random waking up” is what I like to call it. I woke up again at 8.26am. I was supposed to be at work at 9.00am.
I live a minimum of 22minutes away from main downtown. There was no way I was going to make 9.00am.

I am finally leaving. feets tired. Eyes even tired-er. I suspect I shall be a very energetic bunny by the time i finally get home.

Sleeping in tomorrow. Well assuming not having to leave the house by 8.10am counts for sleeping in. I will have to come in tomorrow again.

I am harboring unfriendly feelings towards a particular colleague of mine. I think its coz i believe she cant be very “selfish” about how she does things and not being her patient person aint helping our relationship any.

Please note. I am the only one giving the matter any thought.

She was not feeling well so she left me to tussle it out. I can relate. Being sick SUX big time. This is the problem, I might hustle it and she wont even do anything to help me with my part of the work and she will come out smelling like a rose.

DId i mention that my boss decided I wasnt going to be here for the next 4 months so she offered her (she’s actually traveling) a gig. I am like “what am i? chopped African?”… Okay, that’s not fair.. the boss and other workmate are African just like me…so er… yeah…

Maybe i should casually mention that I actually will be around….

Eh, this is turning into a mini rant.

Lemme go


Comments on: "time check" (11)

  1. O.K. Dear… Clearly you are not altogether well… Perhaps knowledge that the Celtics won tonight should serve to make you feel better. It did for me:)

  2. rant it is. i thought the celtics had already won the series

  3. As long as it finds a way of coming out Tandra…

  4. yes u are allowe to rant…

  5. some ranting

  6. Do mention to the boss that u’ll be around and see how it goes…………

    Hope the thought of the weekend makes things better.

  7. (((tandra))) ranting can sometimes be very healthy so rant away!

  8. Tag, ur it!

  9. seams you have really long days @ office.

    Am smelling jealousy…

  10. itotally understand the feeling, hope you are better

  11. There there…

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