So last night I am innocently lying on my bed waiting for sleep to do its thing. My room mate walks in and says… “U okay?”
Me: “Yes”
L: What you doing?
M: its 11pm. what do u think?
L: You know, i know you are depressed. its okay to be depressed.
M (totally taken aback but figuring she must know something i dont): And how do u know this?
L: I know you are and its really okay.
M (seeing that this wasnt going anywhere fast): oooo okay.

Now I ask…. what am i doing for someone to conclude that i am depressed. I mean, I finally touched midly depressed but a few months ago and even then i didnt share. (sharing with my roomie is like sharing with the world.. or more importantly the landlord who happens to be her best friend. that child CANNOT shut up.. which comes in handy when i want to prep the Landlord for bad news (evil grin))

I guess my not sharing doesnt help matters any so she tends to make assumptions and jump to such erroneous conclusions that i most times dont have the will power to correct. Actually truth is, i am just too lazy to correct her. If she wants to go around believing she knows everything about me, let her have fun. what could it hurt, right?

In other news, I went a visiting two weeks ago. In that one weekend, i managed to convince myself (and subsequently confirm) that indeed money does not grow on trees. I now sit wondering how I am going to complete all those marvelous plans percolating in my head. I am hopeful that some light will shine down and miraculously resolved everything.

So lets see what did i do while i was visiting…
1. Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge which was awesome but as none of us had a camera, I dont have any pictures. It also kinda helped that we walked over the bridge in the dark. That thing is 5,989 feet (1825 m) long and 85feet wide (i figure its more than that) and carries pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles. Please note ( i havent been able to find out just how high above the water it is) but you are walking across this thing above the cars and above the East River. Anything can happen people. ANYTHING.

2. Bought a fake perfume that only lasts about 5 minutes.( You cannot put a price on fleeting happiness, my friends)

3. Drunk melted chocolate… (awesome! But not as nice as some chocolate shake thing at Spurs. I swear its like melted Sneakers or Mars bars. that thing… u needs to try out!)

4. Discovered that some posh neighbourhood’s only carry Master card and do not accept Visa.

5. Pumped myself with enough cold medicines to start a pharmacy. (I was trying to be fit enough to do some gig. I havent been paid, by the by).

6. Went to a bridal registry. That was fun. My supposed inlaw wasnt very pleased with me when she asked if i wanted to scan a few items onto her registry thingy and I informed her that I didnt work for UPS or fedex and so didnt go around scanning things.
I am pretty sure she didnt see the humour in that.

7.There is a big possibility that all Ugandans/Africans here use the same bank.

8. Almost met up with Emi. Princess: Hey!!!

9.Bought a scandalously short skirt (by UG standards anyway)

10. Had brunch with a friend at a place called “Dinia” (i fink). We had burito’s. I know…. not very exciting but it was a posh place. Also had a “screwdriver” and Trust me, the name was the only exciting thing about that drink!

11.Went into the salon to have my hair “shapped” and met up with a no.2 blade. Apparently i presently look like a “Real AFRICAN”… whatever that means.

Oooo before i forget. There’s this guy i chat with on occassion. So he was recently giving me some silent treatment and what not. I was like “oba u dont want, leka yo!” Oba he thinks he’s the only bean in my soup, simanyi!

Anyhu, he disappears last week (i thinK) and sends me an email basically asking how i hadnt written him and how i wasnt a good friend.

I am kind enough to reply and tell him (AGAIN FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME) that I am not good at email and i dont even write to my best friend so he’d beta take a chill pill. this was he’s reply

Its now crystal clear AM JUST ANOTHER USED TO BE Sis you lead one of the most boring life am sure i could not fit in your shoes for once in a day, who in the world would loves someone who can not drop friends mail. Not me Well just because you don’t send mail to your friends it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t am not your friend am either more or nothing. And its because of this that i deserve more. YES More for me you will make a reservation WRITE MAIL even if it is the last thing you have to do before your death. Promise.
It doesn’t cost you much does it???????????????????.

This was my reply
From your email, i am meant to understand that (1) i have a boring life and (2)I am not loveable because i dont write emails. Waiit more accurately NO ONE could love me because I dont write emails.

Well since we got that cleared, let me make something clear.

I dont appreciate the fact that you would think you could badger me into writing to u basing on some warped perception you obviously feel so passionately about.

I am therefore going to stick with the few who love me and dont measure our relationships based on how many email’s I write.

Its been real and I wish you only success.”

Over reacted? Me thinks NOT


Comments on: "Aha!" (17)

  1. alot of randomsies, so i shall just claim the SOCKS!! b2b and sleek, eat the duist!!!!

  2. I love you Tandra Dear, and you’ve never written me an email…

  3. Nanti u aren’t high on crack or weed! If u were, she’d say u’re a cheery person.

  4. Kyoka, Tandra! Togwayo

  5. Eh, woman! Forgive the brother, at least he got what he wanted-emails.

  6. Overeacted? Lol. both of you did. Just a tad bit.

    But the emails were priceless!

    And hello to you.

  7. Tandra, high five!

  8. princess said:

    1. I need to post my version of walking the Brooklyn Bridge. Anything happening was part of the excitement!
    2&4. Lol! Lol!
    7. Rolling on the floor. 😀
    8. Heyyy!!

    You cut the hair again? 😦 😦

    The email dude did the over-reacting. Your reply was on point! I’mma follow Erique’s lead on this one.

    *High five!*

  9. nikolas said:

    me i do not write long emails either. heh.

  10. Thank God I didn’t send that email I meant to send you asking what it is exactly that is enticing about ‘screwdriver’…. Perhaps u was thinking what you could do to this poser with it.

  11. The only sociable writing i do is on blogger..but kale people still say the love me…that dude is a twat…he is so over wanting …twakowa…

    Definatly hi five…

  12. petesmama said:

    MAJOR lol! Kyokka some people…

  13. eh eh, tandra has as if a stalker! kika…

  14. I now know not to demand an email from…………sure wouldn’t want to receive that email.

    Pics of that short skirt…….

    lol @ the fake perfume………

  15. Hmmn
    it’s been real Tandra…
    Even me i want an email like so….!!

    I think he just likes you and is finding it hard to say…
    Mr_Stalker_licious_ness of sorts

  16. Your roomie has a 6th sense…..
    Ugandan standards? Do we have any?

    The stalker got what he deserved. you get another hi5!!!!

  17. u shud have written the email! as he sed, it costs nothing!! bsides if u wrote emails to ur bffs, ud be wierd! those ones, u call! emails r 4 ple u dont hv jazz wit!

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