1.I went on a Samuel Adams brewery tour. One of the kids i work wth (n when i say kid, i really mean kid.. okay no, he’s about 21.. nanti here u r only allowed to drink past 21) works with some grp that was meeting up to go, so i went a long in the name of honouring invites coz really beer aint my thing. So,we did a walk around tour for about 20 minutes, they explained the process then proceeded to make us drunk :-). Okay, not entirely true, they give u tasters, kinda. we tasted 3 of their beers, which was interesting.

I met up with the peoplez there and decided that i have changed a lot since i came here. well not necessarily changed but because of the things i have been exposed to, certain things dont seem as strange. like i met the leader of the grp and for some odd reason assumed he was gay (turns out he wasnt)… but then they kept talking about GLAD which i later found out is Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders which toooootally made sense that i’d assume he was gay according to me.

then i was talking to some chic who runs a LGBT group supposedly linking people of color in Boston. before i confuse u even further LGBT means Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender. Sometimes a Q is added for Queer or Questioning.

So we are talking and i was thinking, does this chic think i qualify for this group????? well… i wld like to join her group, since im trying to expand my network and get out of chilling at home and school but the LGBT thing bez scaring me off, i dont want people to propose nga me i only wanted people to hang with, u know… 🙂

2. I was talking to my friend who apparently got to meet some guy coz he’s brother is convinced they should get married. So me friend was saying she cant get married/date the guy coz the just dont click. One major set back was he doesnt watch movies. I know..not that major but he didnt understand why Wolverine was such a big deal.. Major NO-NO and he only watches football in his free time.

As if things werent interesting enough he drives what my friend describes as an “OLD starlet”.. like the very FIRST starlets to hit Kla. I keep telling her that atleast he has a car so thats a plus. She keeps saying she cant be dating such people.

Now apparently she still kinda has a thing for her ex. so when we were talking about it and about how he (ex) doesnt return her calls and stuff and the one she doesnt like keeps calling and texting, she says she keeps Luther playing over and over in her head.

The gist of the song is “If you cant be with the one you love, go on and love the one you are with“.

I totally loled.

How’s your day going?


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  1. Got to go back to the post and find out whether you got to see your mum’s friend coz I got lost somewhere, GLAD, LGBT and the Luther song. But did I get the socks?

  2. That song? Life doesn’t work that way. If you can’t be with the one you love, get a whore

  3. Err,, trust Erique to put his own weird spin on things…

    Your friend…bn there. The one you want to call does not call..and the one who keeps calling, you wish there was a way he could disappear.

  4. Princess said:

    First of all, Wolverine was a total rip-off. It had a total of, what, 5 good scenes?? It was good, but it could have been better. You know what I’m saying?
    GLAD and LGBT? Well, well. Keep expanding your social network and all that. Lol!
    As for your friend, hahaha!
    You know you’re in trouble when you begin to take advice from old love songs. Could this friend be your roommate? 🙂

  5. lol…….and sure enough they would be proposing but it would be a totally different experience

  6. i so click with the movie drama… WOLVERINE was the bomb! princess stop hating…

    but that theory of luther’s song can bite you in the a** a few years later living with what ifs or you could actually end up loving the one you are with…

    naye your friends are special!

  7. Girl.
    A huge hug from me for no reason at all…
    and yes, Wolverine was dope…

  8. i love your randomzies!tot’ly love ’em!!

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