So, some one asked for pictures and quiet frankly, i am in just too lazy a mood to actually write something. So a few pictures i have amassed this last week. ( and yes, i didnt have an actual camera, so bear with the quality)

common 2

Im guessing they were going for “Sybella” or as some affectionately call her “Sai-bella”.

there i was walking around and i discovered i live pretty close to a river. Considering learning how to sail although since i tend to NOT like water, i dont know how that will work out.

Double entered the Sabella. OOO well…

the rest are just scenic idle shots


I walked out of my people and landed on these people. My first thought was.. did the Ugandan Army ever have Horses? And do they just walk around Kampala displaying their wares? Answer.. No

(i know, unrelated, just go with the flow)

Happy New week!


Comments on: "Pictures" (9)

  1. petesmama said:

    Nice pics, especially the river.

  2. I like your randomness better…

  3. considering how to sail… i am impressed that you are somehow getting out of that comfort zone…

  4. I always thought they were lying when they said women cant resist a man in uniform (okay exclude the Uganda police uniform)

  5. tumwijuke said:

    Gwe, you are in outside countries! Eh mama.

  6. i see bridal shop.

  7. Wazup, Tandy

  8. march of dimes…i like.nice week so far..urs?

  9. Sa-i-Bella

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