It was with some level of alarm that I read about couples facing jail over SMS. Apparently, SPOUSES risk spending two years in jail if they make abusive calls or send offensive messages to their partners when the Domestic Bill comes in place.

Alternatively, spouses face a fine of sh960, 000 for the offence if the law is passed.

In addition to imprisonment and paying a fine, the court may order perpetuators of domestic violence to compensate the victim more

Now, it is being argued by some that this is a way to curb domestic violence and thereby protect women, girls, boys and even men who might be in violent relationships, which I am all for.

What I am against is taking away the right for me to speak to my partner in whatever fashion I find appropriate. What I am objecting to, is the right to choose, the right to freedom of expression.

Who is to say that when I call my partner ‘honey” I am not being abusive/offensive. He might not find it as an endearing term as many do. What standard shall we use to determine if indeed I am being offensive or not?

Will the government write up this list and therefore put a curfew on what words I can and cannot use?

Will the government go as far as to claim that they are not justified in doing something like taping into private conversations, in the name of “protecting people from domestic violence”?

What happens if the call or text isn’t from an acknowledged partner? Does this make me less of a victim? Does it make it okay for ANYONE to be offensive as long as they are not in a formal relationship with you?

The loop holes in this thing (as reported in the New Vision) are too many to count and I cannot figure out why ANYONE would stand by and advocate for it to be signed. Is this just an attempt to get newspaper space? Is this a way for our representatives to show us that they are INDEED doing work in all those long meetings?

I can’t help but feel skeptical and disappointed at the same time.


Comments on: "How the government intends to make up for the Kyeyo shortfall." (16)

  1. Princess said:

    The idea of tracking people’s text messages and or phone-calls is so stupid that I can’t wrap my mind around it.
    Next thing you know you’ll be required to wear a microchip so the government can keep tabs on your every thought/ action

  2. that is so true… calling him sweet kimonde might be considered offensive by the government and i will have to pay almost 1 million for that!

    but like the tv license (or was it tax?), it may never come to pass…

  3. Ah…we have lawmakers…

  4. ‘looks back and forth between princess and Sybella, then stares long and hard at Nevender…..’

  5. me i like it wen my partners call me idiot! it gives me an exscuse to act like one!

  6. this is serious

  7. Oli bulungi nyabo? Txt me wen u get the chance.

  8. ug girl said:

    hmmmm….omg ..i better stop sending texts

  9. I think it’s just anothe useless law in UG…like that thing against smoking in public. I wouldn’t get worked up about it..Ug being Ug

  10. Be Silent said:

    But Madam Where Are you? Too Quiet miss you up in here

  11. therisingpage said:


  12. i am back to do the haunting…

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