The president of my college announced that she would retire in June 2011. That really isnt the news. The lead up to the news is.

I walked into school at 9am and the internets were not available. This being a communication and arts school, you would think things like that never happen.

The only thing that worked was Intra sites (not sure what the technical name is) which really did not help as my email is routed through gmail.

At about 12 o’clock, every one (who actually uses school email) was excited because the president sent out a cryptic email that implied that “the future of the school was going to be greatly impacted”.

Rumour had it that perhaps she was going to announce that she was Tiger Woods mistress or maybe that she was going on vacation. Rumour is always more interesting than the truth.

What this reminded me of was high school. When my head mistress felt she had an important announcement to make, she would rally whichever poor smuck would be available, ring the bell, have the drum beaten and generally assemble us to be counted. I think one such time was to tell us about a coke promotion and how she might end up in “Ata-lanta”. I forget. All those assemblies kinda messed into each other.

The more interesting part was getting out of whatever class or discussion was going on.

After creating the buzz about the great announcement, twitter was abuzz with the showdown. At 2, those who really had to be there went to the meeting. I could care less, what she said would eventually get back to me.

There was actually live streaming of this event, by the way.

I shake my head and think, what a tiny school and more importantly, when will UG catch up?


Comments on: "Today" (8)

  1. kigandaskunk said:

    Firsties…..errr….I think that’s the term-right?

    But T-all this moving around from url to url its like you’re a mufuruki..aka…pastrolist…..ok…… these things of the internet(s) also happen at yours…….eh-maybe we’re not too far after all…

  2. kigandaskunk said:

    oh by the by- how are you? What’s with the snobbish attitude- you’ll need me very soon you know………

  3. you have a new twitter? i know, i am hopeless at reading. keeping well i trust?

  4. streetsider said:

    i can believe that high school was six months, looking back it feels like sixteen months

  5. Tiger wood’s mistress now that would ve been interesting.

  6. Wait Suga…. I thought u said Uganda was already ahead with this rumor things… Or was it just your former headmistress? Anyway…. 2011 is still some ways away. Heck there is a whole ten before the eleven.

  7. you! How are you?

  8. banange those drums were ballistic… the good old days

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