A friend of mine (actually amend that to two friends) asked me when I was going to do a Randomzie post and at the time I thought, “Gosh! Havent i outgrown those?” but then in the next second I was like “naaaaaa!”. So without further fun fare (and the hope that you dont realize I dont actually have a lot to say) I present randomzies!

1. I went to lunch at my former house on Sunday. My exroommate who I usually have issue with can cook, no doubt! So i took my self willingly. All round it was a wonderful meal. She had me and another friend over.

The set up was rather interesting considering the other party was a married guy aged 35 (maybe) sitting with 3 young hotties. conversation was awesome and he didnt get burried under the whole “female agaisnt male” thing.

One thing I will say… my roomie seems to be attracted to guys who like to preach. We are talking as if deacons/priests. I have nothing against them.. but preachy people tend to bore the interest out of me… and not because they arent interesting. They just dont let any one else say anything. God gave me a mouth to speak, ya no!

2. I have a complaint to make. Either I am unsaveable or I look overly saved and sanctified. Thats the only explanation I can come up with for why I never get preached to by Jehovah’s witnesses and Mormons. Discrimination I tell u.. dissssscrimination!

Although in a some what related note, a mormon did want to date me once upon a time, so i guess that was my way into being preached to šŸ™‚

3. I have lived without my ipod for close to 3 weeks. I am very sad indeed. We will be reuinted in 2 days, hopefully. I cannot wait. I will lavish it with all the goodness I have been storing all these days. I can honestly say I missed something.. maybe.

4. I had a near scare of a re-take. Ate these loonies dont have that thing were u pay to just re-sit the exam. Apparently U have to go to class as if u didnt go through the first round. sigh. At the moment, that was worked out so (fingers crossed) I wont have to retake. I should point out that I didnt fail the class.. I just cldnt transfer the credits (if that makes sense)

5. My room mate, who is supposed to ensure that I am well taken care of (yeah, like she’s my mum), dropped the ball. We havent had oil for the last 5 days. Let me break this down for you. No hot water… no heat.

Now how was a poor African supposed to survive????????? Fortunately for every one, its because i am an African that I survive hehehehehehe.. (there’s some warped theory in there that I am not going to explain).

6. What do you say when someone asks why you dont like going to their church? (keep in mind fragile ego’s and feelings and such).

Songs Im loving
1. Evacuate the dance floor- Cascada
2. Eh eh (nothing else to say)- Lady gaga
3. Try sleeping (with a broken heart)- Alicia Keys
4. Doesnt mean anything -Alicia Keys
5. Sexy Chick-David Guetta
6. Queen- the Longombas


Comments on: "Randomzies" (2)

  1. wabula tandra, only you would complain about seventh day adventists not preaching to you. most people avoid them like the plague!

  2. been long since you got randomny! hppy nu yr… lol for your buddy who likes preachy peeeps

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