I have been at home for about 2 weeks now. All I can think is “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

I have noticed that there are now buildings in spaces I did not think had the capacity to hold them but the merchandise remains the same. I find myself asking myself when “business people” will diversify their products.

The potholes have become worse and better (or worse yet) they have also crept up in places I am unfamiliar with. As a result of trying to figure out these spots, I am now reliably informed that i am less aggressive on the road. Guess all those road rage sessions paid off,huh? I’m kidding… 🙂

Kampala for the most part is just as I left it… my friends are (for the most part) doing exactly the same things and almost exactly the same time. I keep asking myself if I have changed, if they have? If I have, by how much?

New years usually cause people to think of new resolutions. Not me. I dont believe in them mainly coz i know I wont do anything about them anyway.

This year, in approximately 4 months and a few days, a chapter in my life will close. The question is, what am I going to do then.


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  1. as in school? i am first! soooocccckkkksss! ugandas potholes….will be there for as long as money is not properly approriaited to the rihght channels

  2. you will do fabulous things… just need to make an effort and take the step in the right direction to get things going…

  3. For months and a few days a chapter will close? A birthday in April…cool, mine is in April too. Or it is not a birthday?

  4. kigandaskunk said:

    Shall we bear the brant for being British trained? We must maintain a semblance of continuity for the most part, shall we not? If you returned just after a year and alot had changed, I shudder to think whether we would know even know ourselves and enjoy smelling the roses because this too would have moved………..hope it makes sense (writing it with a head full of sleep)

  5. Where to start a business is also a very important question to ask yourself when you finally figure out what business to start. The concept of selling ice to Eskimos is simply preposterous. Your essence in life shouldn’t be to supply goods and services to people that don’t need them. Your essence would be to meet a need, provide a needed service and at times needs can be location specific. Some goods or services might best be needed overseas and not in your neighborhood. Figuring out where exactly your business would thrive also depends on two main factors.

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