A friend of mine (actually amend that to two friends) asked me when I was going to do a Randomzie post and at the time I thought, “Gosh! Havent i outgrown those?” but then in the next second I was like “naaaaaa!”. So without further fun fare (and the hope that you dont realize I dont actually have a lot to say) I present randomzies!

1. I went to lunch at my former house on Sunday. My exroommate who I usually have issue with can cook, no doubt! So i took my self willingly. All round it was a wonderful meal. She had me and another friend over.

The set up was rather interesting considering the other party was a married guy aged 35 (maybe) sitting with 3 young hotties. conversation was awesome and he didnt get burried under the whole “female agaisnt male” thing.

One thing I will say… my roomie seems to be attracted to guys who like to preach. We are talking as if deacons/priests. I have nothing against them.. but preachy people tend to bore the interest out of me… and not because they arent interesting. They just dont let any one else say anything. God gave me a mouth to speak, ya no!

2. I have a complaint to make. Either I am unsaveable or I look overly saved and sanctified. Thats the only explanation I can come up with for why I never get preached to by Jehovah’s witnesses and Mormons. Discrimination I tell u.. dissssscrimination!

Although in a some what related note, a mormon did want to date me once upon a time, so i guess that was my way into being preached to 🙂

3. I have lived without my ipod for close to 3 weeks. I am very sad indeed. We will be reuinted in 2 days, hopefully. I cannot wait. I will lavish it with all the goodness I have been storing all these days. I can honestly say I missed something.. maybe.

4. I had a near scare of a re-take. Ate these loonies dont have that thing were u pay to just re-sit the exam. Apparently U have to go to class as if u didnt go through the first round. sigh. At the moment, that was worked out so (fingers crossed) I wont have to retake. I should point out that I didnt fail the class.. I just cldnt transfer the credits (if that makes sense)

5. My room mate, who is supposed to ensure that I am well taken care of (yeah, like she’s my mum), dropped the ball. We havent had oil for the last 5 days. Let me break this down for you. No hot water… no heat.

Now how was a poor African supposed to survive????????? Fortunately for every one, its because i am an African that I survive hehehehehehe.. (there’s some warped theory in there that I am not going to explain).

6. What do you say when someone asks why you dont like going to their church? (keep in mind fragile ego’s and feelings and such).

Songs Im loving
1. Evacuate the dance floor- Cascada
2. Eh eh (nothing else to say)- Lady gaga
3. Try sleeping (with a broken heart)- Alicia Keys
4. Doesnt mean anything -Alicia Keys
5. Sexy Chick-David Guetta
6. Queen- the Longombas



The president of my college announced that she would retire in June 2011. That really isnt the news. The lead up to the news is.

I walked into school at 9am and the internets were not available. This being a communication and arts school, you would think things like that never happen.

The only thing that worked was Intra sites (not sure what the technical name is) which really did not help as my email is routed through gmail.

At about 12 o’clock, every one (who actually uses school email) was excited because the president sent out a cryptic email that implied that “the future of the school was going to be greatly impacted”.

Rumour had it that perhaps she was going to announce that she was Tiger Woods mistress or maybe that she was going on vacation. Rumour is always more interesting than the truth.

What this reminded me of was high school. When my head mistress felt she had an important announcement to make, she would rally whichever poor smuck would be available, ring the bell, have the drum beaten and generally assemble us to be counted. I think one such time was to tell us about a coke promotion and how she might end up in “Ata-lanta”. I forget. All those assemblies kinda messed into each other.

The more interesting part was getting out of whatever class or discussion was going on.

After creating the buzz about the great announcement, twitter was abuzz with the showdown. At 2, those who really had to be there went to the meeting. I could care less, what she said would eventually get back to me.

There was actually live streaming of this event, by the way.

I shake my head and think, what a tiny school and more importantly, when will UG catch up?

Hello world!

Peaking out of my fog covered world to venture out and say hello!

I have thought long and hard about what I wanted to say when I posted after such a long sabbatical. I havent figured out what.

So…. Hi!

It was with some level of alarm that I read about couples facing jail over SMS. Apparently, SPOUSES risk spending two years in jail if they make abusive calls or send offensive messages to their partners when the Domestic Bill comes in place.

Alternatively, spouses face a fine of sh960, 000 for the offence if the law is passed.

In addition to imprisonment and paying a fine, the court may order perpetuators of domestic violence to compensate the victim more

Now, it is being argued by some that this is a way to curb domestic violence and thereby protect women, girls, boys and even men who might be in violent relationships, which I am all for.

What I am against is taking away the right for me to speak to my partner in whatever fashion I find appropriate. What I am objecting to, is the right to choose, the right to freedom of expression.

Who is to say that when I call my partner ‘honey” I am not being abusive/offensive. He might not find it as an endearing term as many do. What standard shall we use to determine if indeed I am being offensive or not?

Will the government write up this list and therefore put a curfew on what words I can and cannot use?

Will the government go as far as to claim that they are not justified in doing something like taping into private conversations, in the name of “protecting people from domestic violence”?

What happens if the call or text isn’t from an acknowledged partner? Does this make me less of a victim? Does it make it okay for ANYONE to be offensive as long as they are not in a formal relationship with you?

The loop holes in this thing (as reported in the New Vision) are too many to count and I cannot figure out why ANYONE would stand by and advocate for it to be signed. Is this just an attempt to get newspaper space? Is this a way for our representatives to show us that they are INDEED doing work in all those long meetings?

I can’t help but feel skeptical and disappointed at the same time.

I grew up in a society that does not fully appreciate the contributions people of influence make. It might be because these contributions are marred by accusations of corruption, nepotism or by the mere fact that, we just never see their contributions for what they really are, a way to make our society a better one.

It was such a humbling experience sitting with Living Legends and the mood in the room was generally festive as people acknowledged contributions and the change in the nation, the most notable one being President Obama’s election, which most of the honoree’s had contributed to in some way, rallying support right from the beginning to the end.

Gov. Deval and Ogeltree also jokingly (I assume) inferred that they were influential many years ago in getting Obama to run. Ogeltree remembers one conversation in which Barak asked him a question and his reply was “Yes you can”. He says he has never been given credit for that.

As I sat there, I could not help but think how far American’s have come and how far African American’s have come as a people. I could not help but think what Ugandan’s are doing to celebrate our heroes, our history and inevitably our future.

Side note: it was primarily a fundraiser for the Museum of African American History and tickets sold for $250 and no, I didn’t pay for one (in case you are wondering). Imagine raising that much for the Uganda Museum. Does any one ever go?

Interesting story.
My brother went to the Museum with a friend recently in the name of sharing our heritage. He mistakenly (or optimistically) assumed that the Museum would be a great resource. You can therefore imagine his immense mortification when they get to the Museum at 3:00pm to find some lady sweeping away all the dust from, it seemed the last dry season.

After giving them a typical “why are you disturbing me glare” for about 5 minutes, she eventually put away her broom and asked them what they wanted (err, they were in the Museum, that should have been enough), when they were told the price and paid, she typically acted like they had just messed up her life because she didn’t have smaller denominations on her.

I should probably point out that this was just the beginning of he’s shame. The exhibits were covered with dust from season’s past, information lacking and it generally felt neglected. He took it very personally that he did not have a clean, informative source of history to share with his guest.

Brief history:

The Tuskegee Airmen, New England Chapter, represents and honors the nation’s first military black airmen who forged an exemplary record during World War II that eventually led this nation to integrate the armed services. Begun in 1941, as a result of congressional legislation, the original Tuskegee airmen numbered 16,000 men. There are approximately 330 original Tuskegee airmen still living, most in their 80’s and 90’s. On January 20 of this year, 200 of them were proud to attend the inauguration of the first African American President Barack Obama.

The Honarable Deval L. Patrick
In November 2006, Gov. Deval became the second African American elected governer in the United States and the first African American Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Having experience his own ground breaking campaign, he went on to serve as Campaign Co-chair for Barack’s Obama’s historic Presidential bid, stumping for the President in almost every battleground state from New Hampshire to Florida.

Carol Fulp
Is Vice president of Community Relations, Sponsorship and Event Marketing at John Hancock Financial and leads John Hancock’s $12 million philanthropic initiatives to establish state of the art programming for those most in need.

Fulp, recipient of the distinguished Eleanor Roosevelt Award and a vice president at John Hancock Financial, raised $300,000 for the Obama campaign. She went on to lead the Massachusetts Women for Obama and raised an additional $200,000.

Ogletree, Harvard Law School Jesse Climenko Professor of Law, author and founding and executive director of the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice, has served as a mentor for first lady Michelle Obama. He traveled the country during much of 2008 participating in voter protection training, and promoting Obama to be the first black president.

Solomont, a philanthropist, political activist and health-care entrepreneur, helped build a broad and innovative network of post-acute elder care services as founder and CEO of the ADS Group. Chairing the Obama for America New England Steering Committee, Solomont helped Massachusetts raise more money per capita for Obama than any other state.


So, some one asked for pictures and quiet frankly, i am in just too lazy a mood to actually write something. So a few pictures i have amassed this last week. ( and yes, i didnt have an actual camera, so bear with the quality)

common 2

Im guessing they were going for “Sybella” or as some affectionately call her “Sai-bella”.

there i was walking around and i discovered i live pretty close to a river. Considering learning how to sail although since i tend to NOT like water, i dont know how that will work out.

Double entered the Sabella. OOO well…

the rest are just scenic idle shots


I walked out of my people and landed on these people. My first thought was.. did the Ugandan Army ever have Horses? And do they just walk around Kampala displaying their wares? Answer.. No

(i know, unrelated, just go with the flow)

Happy New week!


Yes, we also have BHH. Almost a week ago to the day, i met up with KK and we spent the day wondering the lovely streets. (Man, i just killed all the kB like some one i know). Ahem (clears throught and arranges to tell tales…)).

We met up at about 2.00pm and since i was moving that day, KK (begrudgingly) offered to “help” me out. (did i say thank you? thank you). He wanted to ride the train, something he doesn’t get to do all the time. If we could switch lives, I would trade riding the train ANY DAY.

We packed up the car and left for lands unknown. (okay, not true) we went to the Museum of Science to watch the greatest places on earth, which if you ask me, weren’t that great.

The awesome thing: In the Mugar Omni Theater, the world’s largest film format is projected onto a five-story-tall IMAX® Dome screen. It wraps audiences in larger-than-life images of flora, fauna, and faraway places. A state-of-the-art digital sound system completes the immersion effect.

Let me break that down for you: Imagine that the image spans past what your eye can actually see. we are talking the image “wrapping” itself around you and you are actually part of the image.

Awesome, i tell you! Awesome!!

Any one coming down, look me up… its a must see!!!

Then, we headed over to faneuil Hall (which is also known as Quinicy market) to get something to eat. I have always wondered WHY they named the hall that but well… since i wasnt consulted through the naming process, what can i say? we ended up at Dick’s Last resort, which actually makes it into “broke in Boston’s” guide book. ( I think i should point out that cheap is relative). After a sumptuous meal of Chicky chicken and steak something (that had a lot of salad) we headed over to Newbury street. KK’s having the salad made me think that maybe he was telling me something…….

Boston is apparently walking city so we did a really slow walk to Newbury, which is also one of those landmark streets. Has all those awesome shops that you shyly glance at and keep walking. Fun times, i tell you… fun times.

We sipped on Vanilla bean coffee’s (or whatever they are called) and caught up on life. I hadn’t seen him since some time in November, i think. we spoke about Migingo, children,dreams (or lack there of), taking up running… and everything in between.

Finally jumped back on the train to go back to the car, which i imagine was KK’s highlight of the day. His account is here

I am now looking for age appropriate plot. I realized that hanging with kiddies wasnt helping me much. (i know, i been talking abt that for a long). I am definitely looking forward to the Scooper Bowl, which is some thingy where u pay an entrance fee and eat as much ice cream as you want. Who wants in?