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Yesterday was a good day.

The day before that… was a good day.. even when i was staring failure in the eye.
Today isnt a good day. Today i realise the futility of my life at the moment. I know im panicking but i cant seem to stop myself.

Isnt it ironic that Nevender was talking about how Ugandan bloggers dont really talk about God until things be tight?

To that I say, as much as I am where I am today because of what God has done for me (which i cant tell all about),i did not start my blog to talk about God… that wasnt my goal. He is part of my life and when I do feel like saying something in relation to Him, I will…

unfortunately or fortunately most of the blogs you will run across do not talk about Him either. But I mean, there’s something for everyone out there.. this is why there are blogs on Poetry (which i dont get, im sorry), on manure, on castration even (if thats your thing))

Im sorry.. my mind wondered off a bit

Im in  a desparate place right now and i talked to my sis about it. She reminded me of something i tend to forget. She said…

“Is God deaf? Will He not hear your cry? Has He brought you this far to abandon you? Why worry… when you can pray?”