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Joyce Meyer & War ravaged Uganda

So yesterday twitter was abuzz with a tweet about Joyce Meyer’s work in Uganda. Sounds innocent enough, right?

The point of contention was in the reference to Uganda being “war ravaged”. The responses were a sight to behold (or read) and I was impressed that people actually responded to begin with. XFM went a step further and came up with a video of what must have happened (

After about 20 hours of silence from the Watoto n Joyce Meyer team, responses from JM Ministries indicated that they did not mean to cause confusion but to draw attention to their work with Watoto babies home.

Right here is a true study in the fact that;-

1. When we communicate, people’s interpretation of that message will either boost or kill us.
2. Things can ( and will be) blown out of proportion on occasion.
3. The 140 characters (twitter) can be the death of you.